Meeting Minutes 3.5.15

MOPSC Meeting

March 5, 2015


Principal Report – We were supposed get our budget tomorrow but the date has been pushed back, at the district level, until March 16th.


We have been having meetings as a staff to talk about how to best meet the needs of all of our students in a K-8 year.  These meetings have been well attended.


Over the years I have been seen as not being transparent.  We have tried to get information out but sometimes folks who don’t get what they want don’t always think the budget process is transparent.


We have been discussing what is best for K-4 elementary, our 5/6 mini-middle, and the 7/8 middle school.  We will have another 6th grade teacher next year and will have to do some switching of rooms.  This might even mean we make the current staff lounge into a classroom.


If we continue to add a teacher for the “bubble” for the next three years we will be at 810 students.  We are running short on space. 


As a K-8 we are almost like two schools.  K-4 has needs that differ from 5-8.  We are working hard to come up what is best for all our kids.


The ILT team decided that we are not going to do a lot of changes of the Marcy structure this year.  We are going to continue with the 5/6 model and not move the 6th graders to the 7/8 team.


We currently have about 725 students.  We had an AE who retired and we are using the rest of her hours to hire another Behavior Specialists to work with students.  This position will be until the end of the school year.


We will have three teachers at all K-6 grades and 2 at 7 and 8.  We are considering buying up the 7/8 team to have 5 full-time teachers.


As we work on all these issues we are always working to keep the kids in the forefront of our planning.


Michael Gore, the interim Superintendent, is “right sizing” the district and the money will go back to the schools.  As parents, what is your wish list for Marcy Open School.  What would you want us to do with the “extra” money here at Marcy?


IDEAS from table groups:

·      More gym time

·      Academics broken up with breaks for kids

·      Smaller classes

·      Science prep

·      More AE time

·      Media center more time for kids to be in this space

·      Parking

·      More active time

·      Start foreign language earlier

·      Healthy snacks for all kids each day

·      Communications is a wonderful class – keep it

·      Don’t combine ELA and Social Studies

·      Keep the field trips

·      Improve lunches

·      Keep graphic arts in kindergarten

·      Musical instruments for the younger grades

·      More space

·      Parent Reps for room to help support classroom teachers

·      More play time

·      No gym after lunch

·      Love that parents support classrooms with supplies and by volunteering

·      Who do we contact about class sizes? Having the AEs does reduce the class size in a way to support the teacher and the students.

·      We currently use almost all our Title 1 money for AEs and many of our teachers have student teachers also.

·      There is a new program called Grow Your Own for AEs to go to school to be teachers.  They will be working in classrooms for a year and be working towards their education degree.  We are hoping to have this program here at Marcy.

·      More focus on each student – since teachers seem to be running in so many directions.  How can parent help alleviate some of the chaos for the teachers?

·      More gym and more active things

·      More built in breaks

·      More teachers should eat with their kids

·      Concerned about the “bubble” group class size.

·      5th grade in the mini-middle is somewhat stressful for kids, there isn’t enough time to pass between classes.

·      Don’t like that you have miss centers to be in band and that you have to make up what you miss from that class. Causes stress for kids.

·      5th grade is stressful

·      Not enough options for the older kids – they would like more choices


Thank you for sharing your ideas.  If you come up with more ideas please feel free to share those ideas for Marcy with


When you meet as a parent council see if we can find a few parents who might want to be on the budget committee.