Meeting Minutes 9.4.14

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Agenda (MOPSC)

September 4, 2014

Media Center

6:00 – 7:30 PM


Approval of Agenda – Agenda approved


Approval of Minutes from 5-13-14 – Presentation from Julie Young-Burns on Bullying – No minutes from the meeting


Upcoming Events

·      Fall Fun – Community night for families with food and games – need someone to take over this job

·      Magazine Sale – Kick off on September 23rd  - this is the largest fundraiser of the year, the 30th is the first turn in day and the last turn in day is October 7th.  We will be looking for folks to help count and organize orders.

·      Chinook Books are on sale for $20 and app for $14 or both for $30.  There are coupons for stores that you might shop at so you could make your money back.  We make a 50% profit on the sale of each book.


Marcy Pages – Family directory for Marcy, it has always been a paper book but last year we had no book.  This year we are going on line.  We have signed up with a company to facilitate our online directory. Could staff put the URL and blurb in your newsletters?  Won’t be posted on Marcy website to ensure we have only Marcy families in our directory.  It is in the Parent’s Press too. You can search by student, parent or teacher.  You can access online anytime or print off a paper copy.


Principal Report –

·      Been a principal for 9 years at Marcy prior to that I was at Edison

·      Catalina Salas is the Assistant Principal at Marcy Open School

·      Carl Wilson retired at the end of last year

·      Teacher leaders come to this meeting and we value their commitment to this work

·      We are at 671 students right now and that is under our projected enrollment of 750

·      Teachers who strive for balance place students in classrooms and parents are able to give input into classroom placement in the spring.  We work to figure out the best placement for students.

·      We want parents to attend the meetings but not feel you have to volunteer for committees or purchase items.  You can come and speak or not speak.  We just want you here.

·      Staffing – District wants to see more arts in the schools and give schools more autonomy. We have 2 reading specialist and Krista, an AE, who are working to support and maintain the media center.  Ardella retired last year. 

·      Steven is our Graphic Arts teacher and covers the computer portion of teaching. 

·      We increased Gym to 1.8

·      We increased Music to 1.6

·      We have visual arts too


·      Marcy Open School is an International Peace Site and we have a strong sense of family here at Marcy.  Families connect and make friendship.  Marcy is successful because of our family and our community members.  Your child’s learning comes first.  Tomorrow is our first Big Buddies/Little Buddies Assembly and then Buddy Activities.

·      Transportation is problematic.  We are working with the transportation department to make improvements.  We have set up a robo call system to inform families when buses are running late.  Catalina is in charge of transportation and safety & security here at Marcy.

Old Business –

·      The structure of MOPSC – this came about to connect parent council and site leadership to one meeting from two separate meetings.  Parent council has a leadership positions and we still need parent reps to attend the meetings.  Let Alix know if you are interested in being a rep.  MAP (Marcy Arts Partnership) is group that brings artists to Marcy.  Jackie chairs the Labyrinth – the labyrinth was created in honor of a former Marcy Parent Council member.  The path to peace is almost done with phase two.  There are two instillations per year. The money raised will go for landscaping and they will continue to replace bricks as they are ordered.  Jackie would like more participation and get more ideas from others. Art instillations are coming created by students, curriculum is in place, and much more.

New Business –

·      Handout on things that happen each month at Marcy Open School

·      Marcy Parent Council is a non-profit organization that works with the fundraising, labyrinth, etc.

·      The reason that Marcy has all these amenities is because of all the fundraising that parents/families do.

·      MAP and Parent council have separate moneys from the school budget

·      What are parents interested in hearing about at the MOPSC Meetings? Curriculum, cultural sensitivity, Responsive classroom, transportation, What to expect in K, 5 and 7th grades, parent portal, open school, parenting tips, athletics, middle school, emergency preparedness, etc.

·      Marcy is great because of it’s diversity

·      Curriculum and Responsive Classroom

·      Lunch and recess time procedures and gym (getting the wiggles out)

·      Changes in the 5/6 and 7/8 might be good for some families

·      Responsive Classroom, Parent Portal, Defining Open School, and Parenting Tips

·      Open School Philosophy, and Athletics,

·      Curriculum, RC, and Cultural Sensitivity

·      Middle school, Responsive Classroom, and Open School Philosophy

·      RC and Transportation

·      Programing about Gifted and Talented and what parents can do to support

·      Transportation, transitions, RC, curriculum, and cultural sensitivity

·      Parent loved the RC demonstration with Maria Rollinger

·      When you visit classrooms you will see this in action

Budget will be presented next month at MOPSC

Online safety resource for parents free to us – we should order it