Meeting Minutes (Parent Council Only) 3.5.15


Parent Council portion of the 3/5/15 MOPSC Meeting

- The online garage sale is not doing very well. Not many people are posting items to sell,mor buying items. The sale runs through March 20.
- There are 2 meetings left for this year and we are in need of agenda items. Suggestions were taken for possible topics and include:  brainstorming session for topics to incorporate next year, Internet and online safety, Second Step curriculum, acronyms used in the building and how to advocate for all students (ELL, SPED, Advanced Learners, etc.), and Open Schools and how they differ from other schools.
- New Board members need to be elected in May (Parent Council Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parent Representatives). Should we include a message about this in the Parent's Press, along with accurate position descriptions?
- A few individuals indicated interest in attending the next budget meeting with the staff on March 17 at 7:30am to provide a voice for parent input.