Andrew Tralle, Music
2017 Spring Concert
Photo by Dan Miles

Instrument Inventory Project


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Obtaining an Instrument

3rd graders are receiving letters about what instrument they will play next year.  Please read the following information on how to get an instrument.

Most students rent instruments from the school for $35 a year.  If your family chooses to rent from the school, I will send home a rental agreement.  Payment will be due with the return of that contract.  If this cost of renting an instrument will create a financial burden, $25 scholarships are available for families who need them.  Just write me a short note and send $10 with your child’s rental contract.

If families have an instrument at home, students are welcome to use it, provided it is in workable playing condition.  If you are unsure whether or not an instrument could be used for band, bring it to room 119 and I’ll be happy to take a look at it.  If you are considering purchasing an instrument, please be careful.  There are a lot of very poorly made instruments available online.  These instruments can be extremely poor in quality and very difficult to learn on.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing an instrument for your child.

The third, and best, option is to rent from a music store.  This tends to be more expensive than renting from the school but has several benefits. 

1.     Most stores have a rent-to-own program.  The money you spend on renting an instrument will go toward the final purchase price of the instrument, should you choose to buy it.

2.     Music stores will have more instruments available.  Marcy has a limited number of each instrument.  I cannot guarantee each student will be able to play their first choice of instrument if they are renting from the school.

3.     The instruments in this program are either new or like-new.

If you are interested in a rent-to-own program, please contact me so I can put you in touch with a music store.




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  Hey Jude   --  The Careers in Music Options Class performing the end of Hey Jude. Recorded at the Terrarium Recording Studio March 26th 2015.


Resources for Songwriting Options Day


In our composition unit, we will be using programs such as Finale Notepad to write our own music.

Music Theory

Music theory lessons for the Cadets Music Theory Books.