Andrew Tralle, Music
2017 Spring Concert
Photo by Dan Miles

I bet you're here for some music!  There are links to the right with information on where to find material for each grade level and how to get ahold of me.  There are a lot of games up there too.  Feel free to play around!  We start Distance Learning on Monday, April 6.  Tune in to the appropriate place then for your music lessons!


These are strange times we're living in.  We've all disrupted our lives in order to protect ourselves and others.  We're doing an amazing thing by doing nothing at all.  It's not easy to be away from our friends.  Away from our teachers.  And stuck in our homes.  I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and the ones you love.  I hope you are finding new ways to connect with people.  I hope you're getting fresh air and exercise.  I hope you're taking this time to do no things and see the world in new ways.  I miss you all so much and can't wait to make music together again.

Much Love,





  Hey Jude   --  The Careers in Music Options Class performing the end of Hey Jude. Recorded at the Terrarium Recording Studio March 26th 2015.


Resources for Songwriting Options Day

Music Theory

Music theory lessons for the Cadets Music Theory Books.