November 13, 2012 Minutes

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting

November 13, 2012
Media Center
6:00 – 7:30

Approval of Agenda – Agenda approved

Approval of Minutes from October 9, 2012 Meeting – Minutes approved

Committee Reports –
• Edison High School is one of the options for Marcy Open students. They are having an open house tomorrow night. You might want to go and hear what the school is about.
• MAP – The coordinator position will be posted in the Parents Press. They are hoping to fulfill the position early so that person can fully understand the work involved.
• Clay Squared event on Dec. 7th and 8th as a fundraiser for MAP
• Looking at their vendor for the ecommerce portion of Plant Sale, Labyrinth, and MAP Gala event. Looking to see if they can do something in house.
• MAP gala is April 27th, 2012 and the planning begins on November 30th.
• Fall Fun Fest – raised about $3155.00 this year.
• Any concern with the baskets and the offerings? One parent commented on the amount of candy. There could be some healthy baskets. If we start limiting things were do we stop? Should there be multiple winners? Be clear with the rules about only being able to win one or multiple.
• Donna’s report – Marcy is doing well as usual. We have survived spirit week and the kids had a lot of fun. Student council is going well, bussing is going well, and Carl is still out on medical leave. Karen is still here as our substitute assistant principal so if you hear about Karen or Carol (they get her name wrong) you will know who they are talking about. Karen is doing a great job. Teferi has moved to a district position and Tiffany is doing fabulous in that classroom. We are at about 675 students right now and we are not as full as they projected. The 5th and 6th grade team is rather full but the team is doing an excellent job has they have implement a “mini middle school model”. The kids have risen to the challenge. The teachers are continuing to work hard on the academics for all our students. Our afterschool program is at 250 students, with more in Community Education classes. We are working with students in ALC to help improve their academics. Teachers are working to differentiate their curriculum to meet all the needs of their students. We need to make sure that all students make at least one years growth. How will we ensure that all students are able to take the math to their highest level? We are not exactly sure how the math decision was made or what will happen in the future. Marcy is in talks with the district on this issue. We also have several students who are fluent in French but are not able to take French III on line. Currently our French teacher Joe is teaching them French III as an independent study class. There was much discussion about math and how a student moves forward to take higher-level math classes and get to Calculus in high school. Many students at South have reported testing out of Algebra second half and going into Geometry at South.

MPS Program Assistant for Safe Routes to School/Healthy Kids – Jennifer Bordon – Marcy is one the target schools for this year. She is part of the department that involves Active Recess. Betsy approached this group to get an afterschool program on bicycle mechanics to fit with what is happening in the classroom. Safe Routes applies for state funding for infer structure money and non-infer structure money. Betsy got the grant for $750 for the bicycle mechanics after-school class. Other things that we can do 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade survey of how kids get to school that day and how they are getting home. We could have the bicycle trains and walking busses at Marcy, these events would be led by parents or adults. There is a national bike/walk to school day in May? We have 29 who walk, 129 within a mile and 250 within 2 miles of school who could possible walk to school. We could do the bus stop and walk, the regular busses drop the kids off a ½ a mile away from school and adults meet the kids and they walk to school. You can do it once or more often. There are several schools that are doing this. The city has a bicycle map with the north and south on each side. It would be within our area and what would be the best routes for students to take to walk to school.

They can help us with bus drop off and pick up times. It is a busy area and not that safe for students to be walking. The light out side the school will not turn the walk light to white unless the button is pushed. Also students cannot reach the walk button during the snowy season due to packed snow and the plows. Also, it is legal to right your bike in a non-business area and this area is mixed so how do you know?

Jennifer Bordon’s contact information is provided on the handout.

Managing Diabetes update – teachers were all told about a specific students needs in regards to diabetes, the nurse is working on getting more information to staff, Sidney and Jean will work together to move this forward. It would be great to have a procedure in place in for any student or family that wants this for their child. What is the district policy? We could have a district person come out and talk to us.

Time ran out for Hopes and Dreams work.

Any questions or concerns?
December 6th is a parent meeting for the musical
Why are our sport team not inclusive? Is there a limit to how many kids can be on a team? Not every kids could play each game but they could practice? We should include more kids so they can be active and try out new sports and get the hang of it. Sidney will talk with Steven about this and report back to the committee. We will meet in on December 11, 2012.

Joint portion of meeting adjourned and Parent Council continued meeting to consider amendment of their budget.
Respectfully submitted, Sara Dotty, recorder.


ITEM #1: Proposal to amend budget by adding a line for middle school community service project with Southeast Seniors.
PROJECT: Sara Dotty and Mark Hirsch coordinate a middle school community service project with two components: (1) a monthly lunch with seniors which costs $80 per month for pizzas, dessert, and materials for making blankets for Project Linus; (2) Thanksgiving feast that costs $250. Total project need is $810.00.
BACKGROUND: Formerly a PC Budget line item that was removed when Eve found a grant to cover the expenses for a few years.

ACTION: Motion to amend PC budget by adding a line for project in the amount of $800 approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned approximately 7:30 pm. Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros, secretary.