November 2, 2012

Happy November Families,

Our week at a glance:
Reading: making connections to books (text to self, text to text)
Math: We are in our shapes unit. We learned some fancy words: trapezoid, rhombus, and hexagon.   
Science: Still working on our Trees/Weather unit. We played a memory matching game with trees-many students haven’t played memory before I noticed. You should try it at home. You can use a regular deck of cards if you don’t have a memory game. Start with just 8 pairs to see how your child does before you add more.
Writing: We are still working on personal narrative stories. Students are getting better at thinking of true things that happened to them. Our lessons have focused on telling stories through pictures and drawing hard to make ideas.  One student drew lines behind his person to show he was running. We are working on putting spaces between our words.
Sounds this week:  R and T
Sight (star) words: by, the

Next week: 
Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Art, dancing with Robin and voting
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Art, picture retake day
Friday: Gym, Kilee is out so there will be a sub (and Becky!)

Friday Folders- Handwriting homework for the letters b and n. Alphabet cards for upper and lower case letters came home. You do NOT return them. You can cut them apart and store them in a baggie. You can play memory-matching game with them and have your student say the sound and letter name when making a match. You can have your student try to spell 3 letter words with them- try word families like cat, sat, mat, rat  (give them only 6 or 7 letters to choose from, all 26 would be too hard). Students can put them in alphabetical order. Lots of ways to play with them. Notice for a school-wide food drive came in the Friday folder as well as the November Principal’s Reading challenge. Please read with your child 20-30 minutes EVERY day. It makes a world of difference!

Treasure Books-We will start treasure books on Monday. Your child will bring home a just right book to read to you. S/he may need help with the pattern. Make sure they point to each word as they read (if they are reading a level D or higher book, they should not point to each word). Have your student read and reread the book to you.  They can return it the next day and check out a new book. If your child comes home 4-5 nights in a row and reads you a book and needs ZERO helps from you, please let me know as it might be time to move them up to the next level.  Keep in mind the grade level standard for the end of the year is level D. Students spend a long time read and rereading A books before moving on to B level books and so on. It is better for children to read books that are too easy than too hard. Error on the side of caution in pushing your child to move on too soon.

Donations:  Thank you for the donations received so far. Some items still needed included below:

Report Cards: Today was record keeping day for report cards. They will go out to families next week. Since we just had conferences 2 weeks ago, it is the same information discussed, just in written form. Keep in mind the ‘grading’.  A 3 means the student CONSISTENTLY meets the standard at this point in the year. A 2 means they are moving toward meeting that standard or are inconsistent in showing their understanding of the standard. We grade on the standard/expectation for this point in the year (not the end of the year standard). If you have any questions or concerns when you receive the report card, please feel free to contact me to discuss it. 

Items needed: Thank you for all the donations so far!!!!
½ inch 3-ring binders with clear display sleeve
Clear sheet protectors
8 ½ by 11-cardstock or index paper (thick paper)-any color
Wallpaper samples
marbles (used or new)
soda pop tops