November 4, 2010

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2010
6:30 pm Media Center

Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair), Donna Sanders (vice chair), Amy Orris (treasurer), Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative); Tamara Schierkolk (MAP coordinator and parent)

Admin/staff present: Sidney Orchard (parent liaison); Donna Andrews (principal).

1. Introductions and folding Annual Fund letter

2. Parent Josh Blanc (Clay Squared) – Fundraising Proposal
Clay Squared would like to promote and raise money for the MAP gala. Planning a Customer Appreciation Day sale for the first weekend in December and would like to know how to promote the sale within Marcy/MPS rules. Goal: bring in Marcy parents, NE artists and Marcy kids. Would like Marcy students to make things for the sale and be there to talk about them, show how the MAP money is benefiting kids. Clay Squared would donate 40% of the sale proceeds to MAP (with the exception of sales by consignment artists). There would be treats, door prizes.
ACTION: PC needs to approve so that MAP can go ahead with the details

3. Principal’s Report
School is going well. First grade team report shows great progress in reading over past 3 years.
Security concern raised last week when a man came in, signed in as a parent/volunteer, then went around the building looking for items to steal. Known party – on camera, wrote his real name in the book. RESPONSE: Now you must be buzzed into the building at the main door.
Conferences going well. Good turn out. Parents can expect to see portfolios at the end of the semester in January. Students will choose samples of best work for the portfolio. Each team will decide how to present the portfolios to families (e.g. portfolio breakfast).
Working hard to follow our open program with integrity. Throughout school, using Readers and Writers Workshop (2 hours), Investigations (K-5) and CMP (6-8) curricula used in math (90 minutes). Schedule is tight because of this. Not a lot of “free” time, but opportunities to weave in teacher ideas within the framework. Marcy mission statement is now posted around the building.

Q: How do students, especially younger ones, focus for two hours on Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop?
A: There is movement within the time. E.g. kindergarteners move between centers. Lessons structured to increase writing with feedback from teachers, kids are moving during the time, working in groups. Sometimes teachers work with a small group, also AEs work with small groups. Opportunities for individualization. Structured yet freeing up individuals to work at their level. Math is done by grade level because of grade specific curriculum.

Q: What to do about the litter in front of the school?
A: Donna can raise awareness with announcements to students, and through student council.
Q: Problem with Middle School schedule. Students are pulled out of class for band, orchestra, etc. Pulled only out of Social Studies or French. As a result, kids forced to choose whether to go to band or French/Social Studies on a regular basis. There are fewer kids in band this year.
Parents Elizabeth Hawley and Katherine Tondra proposed a solution to staff: Set up A & B days on the calendar. On A days, band students can elect to go to band. On B days, you would rotate through other centers. Same concept would apply for orchestra students. This schedule would allow students to choose a full year of art or media (again, alternating with other centers). Biggest challenge is coming up with a way to keep class sizes consistent, which means coming up with a fifth option (e.g. choir, more PE, maybe a skills class run by an AE).
ACTION: What can Parent Council do? Collect facts. Survey parents and students about experiences with music at Marcy.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Amy)
Expecting about $12,000 from the magazine sale.
Fall Fun receipts about $4900, but still paying out bills

5. Leadership Report (Lisa)
a. Shared Hopes and Dreams statement completed by Leadership (it’s on the website).
Parents encouraged to send in ideas for implementing hopes and dreams.
b. Representation and Membership of Leadership Council. Leadership is exploring a choosing a new configuration. Options range from 16 to 20 members. The autism teachers would like to be included in the Leadership process. They could be included through an at-large staff rep.
Feedback: At-large makes sense; need to attempt recruiting a business partner through parent networks; need to recruit more diverse parents.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)