November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

1. Autism presentation—Beth, Garret, Amanda and Rebecca
Beth gave a presentation about the new Autism Spectrum Disorder classrooms at Marcy.

There are 11 K-8 autism sites in MPS. Marcy has two Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) classrooms with14 students K-2. Student characteristics that impact learning include poor social understanding and judgment, need structure, literal thinkers, poor auditory processing, difficulty communication needs/want, sensory differences. There is a wide range of abilities and needs in kids diagnosed w need to be prepaid. Request for $1000 initially, some may be returned.

Inclusive schools week in December, 4-11th.ith autism. There are also many undiagnosed kids.

Garrett, a specialist who works with kids in Marcy’s program, shared some of the visual and organization aids they use.

Some students spend some time in the classrooms, sometimes with assistance. It helps kids be more accepting of differences. Beth showed a video of kids with autism talking about their experiences and how they get along on school.

Amanda and Rebecca, parents of kids in the autism program answered questions.

2. Principal’s Report—none this meeting to save time.

3. Title 1—Donna
Title 1 funds are available to ensure all children have equal access to education. District bases extra funds on free and reduce lunch forms. Under 40% you get less money. Funds are used for math and reading help, English proficiency, teacher development and training.
We also fund parts of these positions: ELL, bilingual, school social worker, associate educators (general ed) and the Parent Liaison. Also postage and instructional supplies
Requirements are a document explaining how we use the funds, a School
Compact and a Family Improvement Plan. They are all available on the Marcy website.

4. Leadership Report
Lisa H.
PEN Showcase, Nov. 14, 11:30-3:30 at Audubon Park
Looking for volunteers to represent Marcy.
8th grade tours/shadowing not being done this year, only group meetings for 8th graders in their zone. Is there interest in advocating shadowing at the schools as in the past? How can students outside district or in other areas check out the schools? Leadership would like to write a letter to the district requesting the option of shadowing for those who don’t have another opportunity. Donna suggests the letter be directed to Brenda Cassellius at the district.

5. Fundraising
Possible cookie dough fundraiser declined.

6. Special Requests
All school options day has become too much of a field trip day. There is a request to use the day for secondary education site visits to colleges and universities such as the U of M, MCAD, and MCTC.

Submitted by Bettina Dehnhard, Vice Chair