November 8, 2010 Agenda

Marcy Leadership Council Agenda
November 8, 2010
Media Center
6:30 -8:00 p.m.

Membership: Rhonda Vopava-Geyette (co-chair/intermediate 5/6 team), Lisa Hondros (co-chair/parent), Sara Dotty (recorder/middle school team), Eric Hedican (time keeper/specialist), Donna Andrews (principal), Barb Reiter (kindergarten team), Nicole Khuse (primary team), Jan Hyman (intermediate 3/4 team), Tamsen Brock (associate educator), Sarah Tittle (parent/parent council leadership officer), Jackie Dekker-Travis (parent), Shannon Williams (parent), Rosemary Schindeldecker (community rep, shared) and Sidney Orchard (community rep/shared)

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of Minutes from October 25, 2010 Meeting
III. Committee Reports
IV. Unfinished Business

1. Review Staff Development committee charge statement

1. Review feedback on action items to fulfill Hopes and Dreams and choose 2-3 items to work on.
2. Review feedback on Marcy Leadership Constitution Article II – Representation and Membership and look for a consensus option
Related question: How do we meet our charge to have diverse representation?

V. New Business

1. Q & A with Erin Glynn, Associate Superintendent and former principal of Marcy Open School.

VI. Announcements
VII. Adjournment