November 8, 2011 Budget Meeting



Parent Council Budget Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2011
7:15 p.m. immediately after adjournment of joint Parent/Site Council meeting
Media Center

Board members present: Chair Elizabeth Hawley, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Leadership Officer Holly Hatch-Surisook
Admin/staff present: Sidney Orchard (parent liaison)

I. Election of Site Council rep and alternate: Jackie Dekker and alternate Alison Hunter

II. Special Requests

A. Presentation of Budget Subcommittee Discussion and Recommendations from its meeting on October 24: Currently have special requests adding up to about $4000, or about 80% of special request budget for the year; need to ensure enough money in the special request budget to cover the rest of the year; many of the requests are for books. Parent Council used to receive between $4000-$5000/year from parents’ use of Target Visa cards allowing us to fund book purchases (majority of media center funds in those years went to books). Because of change in district policy, Target money no longer goes to PC but instead to a school account. Committee recommendation is to suggest use of Target or Scholastic dollars for those requesting funds for books.

1. Eve: Camera $300-500; College Day $152
ACTION: Recommend $350 camera; $152 College Day
PC: Approved

2. Diane: $400 for dances, peace day, school patrols, bus patrols, after school treats
Comments: There is $200 already in the budget for Diane, so we could reduce this request to $200.
ACTION: Recommend $200
PC: Approved

3. Kilee: $1343 dry erase boards for ½ team
Comments: could ask parents for $5 and PC pay for what’s left
CONS: We can’t justify cost of 1/4 of special request budget.
ACTION: Recommend denial and ask for parents to pay what they can.
Comments: parents have donated money already
PC: Denied

4. Kilee (on behalf of Julie Sabo): unspecified $ for sets of books for literature circles around social studies and health content areas (to integrate content into the Reader's workshop)
ACTION: Recommend denial and consider using Marcy’s Target money or Scholastic dollars for books.
PC: Denied

5. Kilee (on behalf of Marvin and Linda): $250 to build a classroom library
ACTION: Recommend denial and consider using Marcy’s Target money or Scholastic dollars for books.
PC: Denied

6. Sara/Donna: $300 for staff lunch during week before school started
ACTION: Recommend denial. Need to hear request before the money is spent.
PC: Denied

7. ¾ Team: $502 Books for health curriculum for Readers &Writers workshop
ACTION: Recommend deny and consider using Marcy’s Target money or Scholastic dollars for books.
PC: Denied

8. Diane Schmitz: $169 for Social Skills Building Tools
ACTION: Recommend approval.
PC: Approved

9. Mark and Sara: $750 for SE Seniors
PROS: service learning, getting kids into the community, want to support a project that Mark is passionate about
CONS: expensive
ACTION: Recommend approval
Comments: Do all middle schoolers participate in this program? Not certain but it is a long standing program that PC used to fund; last year it was paid for by a grant from a church.
PC: Approved

B. New Request

Garrett: special request for up to $500 to bargain with the Amazing Jeff O (quoted $700), a blind magician to kick off Inclusive Schools Week and inclusion month (December)
Two performances in the theater; all students will attend; he will volunteer time later in the day to talk to individual classes.
Comments: Consider making Inclusion Week a line item in the Parent Council budget
ACTION: Approved $500

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)