November 8, 2011 Minutes



November 8, 2011
Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting
6:00 p.m.
Media Center

In Attendance: Katharine Tondra, Jackie Dekker-Travis, Scott Bean, Carl Wilson, Sara Dotty, Matthew O’Brien, Elizabeth Hawley, Nancy Rathman, Krista Eduarte, Alison Hunter, Shannon Williams, Sarah Beggs, Terri Warren, Ellen Lapinski, Amy Hernandez, Julia Janousek, Holly Hatch-Surisook, Nicole Kuhse, Barb Reiter, Rosemary Schindeldecker, Jenny Kordosky, Garret Petrie, Anne Hoglund, Donna Andrews and Lisa Hondros.

The agenda was approved with a few modifications.

Minutes were approved from the last meeting

Committee Reports:  MAP
November 16th Ten Thousand Villages sale and the sale on December 2nd and 3rd at Clay Squared with some of the proceeds going to the MAP committee.

We currently have several residencies happening in the building funded by MAP.

There are on-line forms for volunteering for the MAP Gala in the spring. 

Principal’s Report:
Donna received a mini grant application for integrated learning with another school in Minneapolis. It would be with a school that has a different demographic than ours. Is there something that someone would like to do with another school? Applications are due on December 19th. Grants are up to $10,000 for the project. This is from the Office of Equity and Diversity. Trying to close the achievement gap. The topics can be wide open.

We have a person coming in at the end of the month to talk with staff about anti-bullying. Donna would like to have her come and speak at a Parent/Leadership meeting or schedule a time for this on another evening. Style of the work is working with the victim and the bully separately on this issue.

This Saturday, November 12th is the Northeast showcase for Northeast schools. This is similar to the January district event but only for our area schools. This is sponsored by the PEN group. Donna will be there with some Kindergarten parents. It is at Edison high school.

We have developed an Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) here at Marcy. This team is representative of all the areas of our school such as literacy, math, ELL, Special Education, PRESS, and administration. This group will be meeting weekly and will present information to the staff and to Leadership as necessary.

Old Business:
Elections for vacant seats Jackie Dekker-Travis was nominated for the parent representative position and Alison Hunter volunteered to be a parent alternate for being a representative.

Marcy cell phone policy is if a student is caught using a cell phone during the school day it is taken and given to Donna. Donna will return at the end of the day. If the student is using a phone for the second time it is given to Donna and a parent needs to pick up the phone. The third offense the phone is kept with Donna for an extended period of time. 

There is a district policy on cell phones and it states that students in 6-8 can use the phone before and after school. 

The Marcy policy is that we don’t want to see or hear your cell phones and if we do we will take them from the students. 

Parents agree with the policy and would like to see the rules posted in the Parent’s Press and Middle school newsletter as a refresher.

Update on new food policy:
No homemade food or candy in school. We are doing Feast Day with outside prepared food. We are working on this issue one event at a time. Amy will be allowed to cell the candy cane grams for a fundraiser since this is an optional event.

Time was given for the sub-committees to meet. The three committees are Open Education, Outreach and Diverse Representation, and Communication.

New Business
Instrumental Music Program – Parents have some concerns with the new music program. Carl explained the program that the instrumental music teacher is trying to build. There is frustration with lack of communication from instrumental music teacher with parents and with students. Not much information since the first letter sent out to families. Kids are dropping out due to frustration with schedule and levels. The schedule should be posted for all to see. Parents don’t have a copy of the schedule. More information needs to be communicated to families. Many have sent out emails to instrumental teacher with no return emails. A parent expressed a concern about getting a refund for a returned instrument.

Need to change the January 10th, 2012 meeting. We will move the meeting to January 17th, 2011.

Concern about the doors not being locked during the day. All the outside doors need to be locked during the school day expect for the front doors. Also, all classroom doors need to remain unlocked during the school day.