October 11, 2010 Minutes

October 11, 2010

Leadership Meeting: Lisa, Scott, Barb, Nicole, Donna, Jan, Sara, Carl, Jean, Kilee, Shannon, Tamsen, Rosemary, Rhonda, Teferi, Sarah, Jackie, and

Approved the minutes from the last Leadership Meeting

Ratification of Meeting times:
5/6 all for two
Middle all for one
Specialist all for one
Principal all for one
Kindergarten all for two
½ 5 to 1 for all for one
¾ all for one
AE, Office Staff, Engineers, and Health Office – all for one
Community Rep – all for one

Discussion on if we are interpreting the constitution the correct way. Donna was concerned and contacted legal counsel about it. There was disagreement about this and our co-chair will contact the district counsel (Nan Miller) to discuss this matter. Several members shared their feelings for and against changing the constitution.

Recess – The issue of kids not having enough time for lunch and recess. The kids in elementary now have 20 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for recess. We are following the wellness policy of children having 20 minutes of recess.

Hopes and Dreams for Marcy Leadership Council – present a draft of the compiled suggestions. Some were moved from the Hopes and Dreams to possible Action Statements such as thematic learning. Why are the arts missing from the Hopes and Dreams? Discussions to how we could incorporate the arts into the third bold statement. There was also the addition of the importance student input in our school.

Question was raised as to why we don’t have any students attending the Leadership meetings. Rhonda will talk to Diane S. about getting 2 students reps to attend the meetings.

Can the constituents become groups by putting teams together? The constitution needs to be 50% staff and 50% non-staff members. The constitution would need to reflect the make-up of the building each year. How is special education represented? How are our gifted students represented? Change the wording in the constitution to be flexible to what staff we have each year.

How can we make this more equitable for all staff members? Can we devote time at each staff meetings for groups to get together? So if there is a pressing matter there can be discussion and then each group could vote in that venue.

We will work via email to make the representation of the Leadership reflect that of our school. We will also look to see where all staff members would fit with the teams for voting issues. Suggestions of having staff meeting time to discuss actions/votes needed for leadership and time to break into constituent groups at staff meetings to cast leadership votes.

Donna explained the purpose of the SIP. Overall AYP status is 3.1. We are in corrective action, which is the need for the schedule as it is now. We are 2.1 for Math. Attendance is great. AYP summary shown on screen and Donna explains the chart with all the cells in 08, 09 and 10. Explained safe harbor for Math for 2 cells. Caucasian kids are green straight across the chart. School is 49% white. NA group too little to measure. We are looking at whom we need to move. News is good. We are still on AYP.

Showed Reform strategies page of SIP. Read opening. Direction from district on what we need to work on. Donna read all the 5 strategies on the SIP. Read Title 1 page to group.

FIP is the Family Involvement Plan and the SIP is the School Improvement Plan.

Question arose about how the district or state is spending money that should be for targeted group. Too big for leadership to deal with this topic but something to be considered.

All students need to make a year’s worth of growth. Every student in the green needs to move forward a year to stay in the green. The staff is working to making a year’s+ growth with each and every student.

Topics not covered at this meeting and moved to next meeting:
Thematic Learning
Differentiation of Math
Staff Development Money
Supporting students and teachers with MAP testing.

October 25th, 3:30-5:00 PM is the next Leadership meeting.

PBIS Committee is Jean, Hannah, Michael, Betsy, David N., Julie, and Garrett
Staff Development Committee – Chair is Connie Mattison – Sara, Kilee, Dan, Anne H., Frank and Joy
RTI Committee is Diane S., Mark, Luda, Eric, Polly, Mariann, Anne as consultation