October 11, 2011 Agenda

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Agenda
October 11, 2011
Media Center
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Parent Council Board Members: Chair Elizabeth Hawley, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Leadership Officer Holly Hatch-Surisook and Parent Liaison Sidney Orchard.
OPEN SEAT: Treasurer

Site Council Membership: Jean Dudley (co-chair/specialist serving special populations), Lisa Hondros (co-chair/parent), Sara Dotty (recorder/middle school team), Holly Hatch-Surisook (parent), Julia Janousek (parent), Shannon Williams (parent), Donna Andrews (principal), Barb Reiter (kindergarten team), Nicole Khuse (primary team), Anne Hoglund (intermediate 3/4 team), Marvin Boucher (intermediate 5/6 Team), Scott Thorstenson (content area specialist), Krista Eduarte (at-large non-licensed staff), Sidney Orchard (at-large non-licensed staff, shared), Rosemary Schindeldecker (at-large non-licensed staff, shared).

OPEN SEATS: Parents (2 plus 5 alternates); Students (2); Community Member; Business Partner

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of Minutes from September 13, 2011 Meeting
III. Principal’s Report
IV. Committee Reports
V. Old Business

1. Elections for vacant seats/offices (time keeper, parent reps, student reps)

2. Identify committees/task forces to work on specific Hopes and Dreams

• Open education (e.g. focus on values, precepts, responsive classroom)
• Outreach and Diverse Representation on the Parent and Site Councils (e.g. family nights with speakers, recruiting new members to councils, encouraging more parents to participate)
• Communication (e.g. keeping website current, online bulletin board)

3. Small groups to discuss each topic and suggest action steps

VI. New Business

1. Go-To Cards for high school students. Minneapolis Public Schools wants feedback on proposals to use public transportation for high school students rather than yellow school buses.

2. MAP proposal for a new fundraiser: Ten Thousand Villages Benefit on November 16 from 5pm to 8pm. MAP would receive 20% of the sales that take place during this time.

3. Fall Fun Update

VII. Announcements
VIII. Adjournment