October 11, 2011 Budget Meeting Minutes

Parent Council DRAFT Budget Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2011
7:30 pm Media Center

Board members present: Chair Elizabeth Hawley, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Leadership Officer Holly Hatch-Surisook
Admin/staff present: Donna Andrews (principal), Sidney Orchard (parent liaison), Garret Petrie, Jean Dudley, Sara Dotty
NOTE: This Parent Council meeting commenced immediately after adjournment of the Marcy Open Parent/Site Council joint meeting.

I. Budget Review
Reviewed items in proposed budget line by line. Adjusted per student allocation to reflect enrollment of 643 (reduced to $12.75/student from $13). Combined science specialists. Zeroed out Athletic (intramural) because funds available from the district.
ACTION: Budget approved with adjustments.

II. Special Requests
1. Eve: Camera $500; College Day $152
ACTION: Delayed

2. Diane: $400 for dances, peace day, school patrols, bus patrols, after school treats
Comments: There is $200 already in the budget for Diane, so we could reduce this request to $200.
ACTION: Delayed

3. Kilee: $1343 dry erase boards for ½ team
Comments: could ask parents for $5 and PC pay for what’s left
ACTION: Delayed

4. Kilee: $500 Sunshine Committee for food for teachers on conference night
Comments included: teachers don’t have much time to eat, nice to provide food, balance against requests for books or other supplies, drinks and treats would be appreciated, $250 would buy dinner from Subway, what about a potluck provided by parents, what about asking local restaurants for donations
ACTION: Give $250 for beverages, fruit and cookies.

5. Kilee (on behalf of Julie Sabo): unspecified $ for sets of books for literature circles around social studies and health content areas (to integrate content into the Reader's workshop)
ACTION: Delayed

6. Kilee (on behalf of Marvin and Linda): unspecified $ to build a classroom library
ACTION: Delayed

7. Sara/Donna: $300 for staff lunch during week before school started
ACTION: Delayed

8. MAP: $ for book keeping
ACTION: Delayed

9. ¾ Team: $502 Books for health curriculum for R&W workshop
ACTION: Delayed

Meeting adjourned at about 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)