October 11, 2011 Minutes

October 11, 2011

Parent/Site Council Meeting
Media Center
6:00-7:30 p.m.

Approval of Agenda – agenda approved with changes to order of events
Approval of Minutes from September 13, 2011 – change to name needs to be made and then it will be approved.
Principal’s Report (5)
• AYP status – we are at the same status but we have made gains in reading. We did go down in math but most schools went down due to the new format of the MCA III math test. Kilee has been working with K-5 staff on reading, Sara works with students in 6-8 that are not at grade level in reading, we also have Reading Corp at our building with Elizabeth and Arielle who work with students in grades K-3, and we also have a PRESS grant which brings in more support for K-3 students that are struggling in reading.
• We have a math specialist this year. Nina co-teaches with the two 5th grade math classes and works with the 6th grade math teachers also. She is also delivering monthly professional development for our K-4 teachers. Mark is our middle math teacher and he differentiates by teaching 5 different levels of math. Each class is designed to meet the various needs of our math students.
• We have welcomed a new classroom and have 3 new staff members. Rachel is our new 1/2 teacher (thanks to all the families that made this move with us), Linda is our new 5/6 teacher (she took over for Amy Z. who got a new position within the district), and Steven Schmitz is our new graphic arts specialist.
• Conferences are next Monday and Tuesday. We will be doing goal setting conference with each family but this year they will be on line. The district created a form that we will use here at Marcy.
• Carl and Lori – Marcy 101 video/information
• Lori and Carl shared the first step in this process, which is a data base that is alphabetized and under each letter there are “Marcy” topics that people can click on and it will take you to a website, link or a video on that topic. They are in the beginning stages and have created a list of possible topics to be covered in this database. They would like suggestions on other topics that should be in this website. Lori can be contacted at LJanies@Blackhole.com with suggetions.

Committee Reports
• MAP committee – Margie S. sharing out what MAP is and what they do. She found a possible source for a fundraiser for the MAP committee. Ten Thousand Villages is a store that sells merchandise from around the world. They have a date scheduled for November 16, 2011 for Marcy to receive 20% of the proceeds from the night’s sales from 5PM to 8PM. We can have as much presence at the event as we want. We might get others interested in the Gala and our school. This event could support our Marcy Open mission on being a global citizen. It could compete with current fundraisers; it could expand us to other people. This money earned would go to the MAP committee, which is a part of Parent Council. Clay Squared is also doing their fundraising event this year.
Old Business
• Elections for vacant seats/offices (time keeper, parent reps, and student reps)
o Diane Schimtz is working with the Student Council to find student reps for Leadership.
o Parents who are interested in being members talked about their role and responsibilities. Matthew O’Brien is nominated to be a rep and was voted in.
o Time keeper position will be rotated between Jean, Lisa and Elizabeth each meeting.
• Identify committee/task forces to work on specific Hopes and Dreams (folks moved to three different areas to discuss possible work in task forces)
o Open Education - exchanged emails, talked about responsive classroom and find a way to educate our families. Responsive Classroom is all day and not just a morning meeting. Shared what open means to each of them and how to get that information out to others.
o Outreach and Diverse Representation on the Parent and Site Councils – talked about previous efforts to get more families involved in these committees. Have some non-Somali parents attend the Somali parent meetings to make connections with other families. We have a volunteer to coordinate parent reps for each room. Discussion on how different cultures may view the role of parents in education.
o Communication – need more up-to-date information on our website. Sports needs to be posted with times and locations of events, staff can send Eve their emails to families, newsletters, and field trip slips or other documents created. Parents would like easy access to information. Encouraging people to use the Yahoo group to get Parent’s Press and updates from Sidney.
• It was approved that we will work on these three sub-committees for our school year. This will be on the agenda for next month so groups can decide who will be on which committee and when/where we will meet.
• New Business
o Go-To-Cards for high school students. Minneapolis Public Schools wants feedback on proposals to use public transportation for high school students rather than the yellow school busses. There is a survey on the Minneapolis Public School’s website. Please fill this out to have your voice heard on this topic. Lisa will get out school board members information for families to use if they would wish to contact them about this issue. Some feel it is a great resource for students who don’t have someone to drive them to events, but others feel we don’t have enough viable routes for all areas of the city. Some students might have long commutes with transfers and things. How will this impact various areas of the city and magnet schools? There are 8 scenarios and 7 of them cost more money than our current bussing system. Jill Davis is an at-large member of the school board and she is very interested in your thoughts on this.
o Fall Fun – October 28th – This year we will have flu shots and mists available for families. They are free to anybody at the event. They will take your insurance information if you have it. We are looking for volunteers for this event. Contact Elizabeth Hawley if you are interested in volunteering for this event. You can sign up for one-hour shifts on the 28th or help with baskets on the 27th. Almost all the teachers have chosen their game and theme basket for this year.