October 12, 2012

Today for our greeting we did the usual "Happy Friday ____, the weekend is near. What are you going to do when it gets here."  I found it interesting that 2 students were celebrating Christmas this weekend at their grandparents house.  I'd also say that about 60% of the class is going swimming.  Not sure if these were the same as your plans, but either way have a good one!  I'm going to some apple orchards tomorrow with my family and in-laws.  

This week: 
Reading: Focused on asking questions about the title, cover, picture walk and how asking questions helps prepare our mind for words we might see in the book.
Science: They have been focused on wood and you've seen some of their work come home.  Becky did a leaf lesson with students and their leaf books are coming home. You can ask them to describe their leaves to you.
Math: We have focused on creating and extending patterns, breaking patterns down into cars (the smallest repeating unit) which has proven to be VERY challenging for them. 
Writing: Most of our writing to this point has been on handwriting practice. You will take their alphabet book home with you at conferences.  Today we wrote a get well letter to a reading teacher (Eve) that was hit by a car crossing the street right by our window.  She broke some ribs and has a few other injuries but will be fine. After break, we will start personal narrative writing.
Social Studies: Still working on our unit: Rules, Rights and Responsibilities talking about being fair, taking turns, etc...

Sharing: Reminder for sharing. Students can share ANYTHING they want about themselves. We don't share toys, but if they have a collection of something they can share that. They can share pictures, postcards of places they like to go or people who are important to them or a special day in their life. Some students have shared about sports that they are into or crafts they make. The purpose of sharing is many (speaking and listening) but first and foremost we want to learn more about our friends in class.

Family project: Our door is beautifully decorated with all the leaf man projects. We are sending home another family home project that I'd like to encourage you to take your time with. You have 2 weeks to do this project. This family home project will visit every single students home..so we want to make sure it is our best work. Parents can write where needed. Students can draw. If you have photos to add to the page, that is good too. It is important that everything fits on the FRONT of the 8 1/2 by 11 paper that is coming home. It cannot go past the edges or on the back. 

Handwriting: Handwriting homework looked good this week. It was done in pencil, no floating letters, correct upper and lower case letters.  Thank you for assisting your child with it to help them commit their muscle memory to doing it the right way.  In the classroom I look for the application of the practice in real time.  I'll share this information about your student at conferences. 

Friday Folders: Next week is a 2 day week so I should not get Friday folders until Friday, October 26th. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week at conferences!