October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009

1. Principal’s Report—Donna

The year is going really well. We have full classrooms and may get more. Grades 1 and 2 are large. Grades 3 and 4 have room. Classroom behavior has been excellent.

If there will be additional resources for magnet schools (still to be determined) as part of the Changing School Options plan) we should think about how we would use the money. Donna is starting wish list in her mind. Email Donna with ideas. Some questions to consider: How will district support Marcy? How will curriculum support Open education? Should there be changes in the curriculum?

We get students from other countries, visiting academics because we are close to the university who are important to our culture. How will changing bus areas affect these students?

The new autism program is very blended. There will be some staff training.

2. Board Elections
Chair: Julia
Vice Chair: Bettina Dehnhard
Secretary: Lisa Hondros
Treasurer: Sarah Tittle

Returning Leadership Reps
Tamsen Brock (chair)
Jennifer McComis
Aisling Reynolds
(Need one more)


Classroom representatives
Have all reps except 5 rooms and middle school

3. Marcy Pages—Suzi
Alison Hunter and Suzi Durkas in charge of Marcy Pages this year.
Printing and paper is no longer being donated. We are getting bids. 427 households participating in directory. 62 families have 2nd households and 81 people on staff.

4. Book Fair—Amanda
Scholastic Book fair will be in theater during Fall Fun. Will ID books by reading levels. Need volunteers for set up and working fair.

5. MAP report—Tamara
Not much going on yet on budget.
Musical—Project Success is taking over musical. They have a different way of doing musicals. MAP will give Project Success $10,000 in seed money which will be returned after musical. Jay Scoggins will still direct play, working for Project Success.

Project Success teaches goal setting and the transition from Middle to High School with a theater focus. Pierangelo Rossi is our site facilitator. Families are offered free tickets to cultural events.

Other MAP projects: Layl McDill is doing polymer clay residency this year. Robin Nelson is again doing folk dance, the middle school with do something with Spoken Word, Neighborhood Bridges for 5th and 6th graders, other things still being planned.

6. Treasurer’s Report—Sarah Tittle
New budget proposed. For details contact Sarah.
Need to add Marcy Pages cost, tax preparation fees
Budget approved

Upcoming Parent Council meetings
November: Autism with parents and staff
December: Second Step
January: Social Networking (Facebook, etc.)

Special Requests
Sarah Dotty requesting funds for Read180 program. Added line item for Reading Specialist.
Eve Parker requesting funds for Options day. PC will revisit next meeting.

Other news
Suzi mentioned donorschoose.org as a fundraising option.
This year’s MAP Gala will be April 17, 2010.

Submitted by Bettina Dehnhard, Vice Chair