October 25, 2010 Minutes

October 25, 2010

Leadership Council Meeting
Room 224

In Attendance: Eric, Shannon, Rhonda, Joan, Teferi, Sarah, Sara, Kilee, Donna, Carl, Lisa, Jan and Sidney.

Agenda for this meeting was approved
Minutes were approved

Discussion Items:
Hopes and Dreams - Read aloud prior to discussion. How will we “continue our commitment to peace education?” Should it be changed to something else like recommit? What does this look like? How can we recommit to this? PBIS and Responsive Classroom support Peace education? What do teams do? We could share this out with whole staff. Polly does some lanterns with sister school and Andrea does “warm fuzzies” each day with her students. The Jane Adam’s books and Bridges focus on Peace. Can happen through current events? How did we become an International Peace site? What are the requirements? Things around the school represent our Peace site like tree outside school, garden, etc. We could update our website so it is current. We could also envision some thing, we could have the students come up with a way to represent their peace, and/or we could use some peace curriculum. Change bullet 5 under first section by taking out “because of socioeconomic circumstances.”

Action Step – Go back to your team and find out how we are implementing peace education with our students. What 2-3 bullets do you think we should be working on as a school?

Representation and Membership of Leadership Council – Any changes we make to the constitution need to be done in balance. If we add teachers we have to parent, student, or community representations. Lisa presented several options plus some that were sent to her via other Leadership members. Options range from 16 to 20 members on Leadership. Can teams work together as larger teams? Could be give some time to teams meeting during staff meetings once a month? Smaller is better. There is an option to not change the constitution also. The autism would like to be included in the Leadership process. Could they be the at-large-person?

Action Step – Go back to your team and find out how each team feels about being represented on Leadership by sharing the 5 options shared.

Review Charge Statements from Committees:
The Staff Development committee needs to submit a charge statement. The PBIS, RTI, and MAP have submitted charge statements. Committees will need to report out to Leadership every other month on their committees work.

Leadership approved the charge statements for PBIS after some discussion.
Discussion on RTI charge statement – the team is working mostly with kids in the Red and they don’t have enough time to meet with all students that have come up in the school year. Parent concerns on students that are not making adequate progress but are in the green. Is it behavioral or are they bored. Some students are pushed to the next year for interventions due to calendar time. Teams could be working with each other to complete Worksheet 1s and 2s and work on interventions. Time could be devoted during PLC time to brainstorm together. More work will be done on RTI charge statement.

MAP charge statement – Could MAP money be used differently? Could the MAP committee focus their work with the school wide theme? Arts to support academics through out the building. Integrate the arts into the curriculum and the curriculum into the arts. How can the money be more evenly shared across all grade levels? How can we tie all of our arts into the curriculum? Could some of the money be used to help with basics at school? (Supplies and personnel.) Some of our outside artists are being paid a lot of money for their services. We need to be cautious about using the money in other ways because we might lose some of the energy around this committee and their events. We will need time for staff to plan together around the theme and plan for time to incorporate the theme into academics.

Action Step – Work with MAP to work out a plan for next year. How can we tie the arts to our curriculum and the school wide theme? How can MAP help support our magnet status of being an open school?

Thematic Learning: An all school theme – historically we have had a whole school theme but there has not been much input from staff and students when asked about themes for previous years. How did we used to decide themes? Did students help decide? Classrooms?

Differentiation in Math instruction – parents have had some concerns about what grade level math their students will be in and if they are repeating the same curriculum. Donna and Carl have talked to families and Trisha is working with some students in math who are in need of enrichment.

Determining how to spend staff development money – the staff development team will work to clarify how the money is to be spent.

Plan for administering MAP testing (how to support teachers and students without AE time?) Concern about some students that take a long time to finish a test. Some teachers were not sure how to pause the computers. Staff were able to have any student pause a test and complete and at another time/day. Did staff understand all the things that are available to them? How can we get students logged in a quicker manner? Can an AE help? We will need to check with MAP persons on this due to security. One good thing from a parent was that kids thought the testing was no big deal and that was our goal. Students will have to take this assessment three times a year. How can we make this process go more smoothly for classroom teachers so they don’t have to give up their prep time or lunchtime?
Action Step – Go back to team members to see what they need to make MAP testing more supportive to students and teachers.

Open school magnet status – How will be evaluated as an open school? Donna is working with the consultants and will share information as she gets it. There was a parent concern that this might be a way for the district to do away with the magnet schools. Donna does not belief this to be true. She feels that this is a way to support the magnet schools and programs. Parent comment on work on fidelity of best practices of open school and not the open philosophy. It is nearly impossible to be a “true” open school within the framework of being part of a large district.