October 26, 2012

Happy Friday Families,

Fall Fun is tonight from 5-8pm.  It is a great family event. I won’t be at the event…my church has a very similar carnival type event and my kids want to go to that one.  

Quotes of the week: “I need to take Mayme to the nurse. She needs gasoline (Vaseline) on her lips.” “In Kindergarten we keep our body to ourselves-that includes lips.”  “There is no waiting room in Kindergarten.” “Teacher, I’m wearing all pink today. Even my underwear is pink.”

We had a great week. We have a slightly revised schedule to have more time for Social Studies and Science (we just have a shorter Active Learning time at the end of the day). 

Reading: retelling a story, using pictures to help us retell the story, sequence events in a story.
Math: We started our unit on 2-D and 3-D shapes.  We have studied and discussed the attributes of the shapes and where we see them in real life. 
Science: The students finished their unit on Wood. Many treasures are coming home. On Wednesday, we started our Trees and Weather unit in class.
Writing: We started our personal narrative unit.  We’ve learned how to label pictures, stretch words, add more to our pictures and words and most importantly to THINK of a story that really happened to us.  (this is the tricky part).
Sounds this week:  M and S
Sight (star) words: I, see, me, my

Next week: We will celebrate spirit week.
Monday: Hat day
Tuesday: Celebrity/Superhero day
Wednesday: Costume (Halloween, no masks, not too scary)
Thursday: Pajama Day
Friday: No School (Teacher day to do report cards)

Wednesday- we have enrichment options (it is our fall festival). The students spend an hour visiting different stations in the room to do fall projects. We also have a costume parade at 9:20 in the morning.

Halloween- If you want to get rid of some Halloween candy, consider donating it early for the gingerbread houses we make in December. Great gingerbread house toppings (tootsie rolls, skittles, M&Ms, runts, Smarties, licorice, hard candies, gum drops etc…) Also, send in some wrappers from Halloween candy to put in our Candy Alphabet book we will be creating.

Friday Folders-November Book orders are going home. They are due THURSDAY. You can make checks payable to SCHOLASTIC. You can write one check even if you order from multiple brochures.   Handwriting homework for the letters m and s.

Donations:  Thank you for the donations received so far. Some items still needed included below:

½ inch 3-ring binders with clear display sleeve
Clear sheet protectors
8 ½ by 11 cardstock or index paper (thick paper)-any color
Tissue paper-any color
Wiggly eyes-any size

FREE donations:
Frosting or cream cheese tubs (empty and clean)
Wallpaper samples
marbles (used or new)
2-liter pop tops