October 5, 2010

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2010
6:30 pm Media Center

Board members present: Donna Sanders (vice chair serving as chair), Amy Orris (treasurer), Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative); Sarah Tittle (leadership officer)
Admin/staff present: Sidney Orchard (parent liaison), Rhonda Vopava Gayette (5/6 teacher)

1. Parent Hopes and Dreams for Marcy. Our site-based decision making team the Marcy Leadership Council is collecting feedback and creating a Hopes and Dreams Statement for the 2010-2011 school year that will be used as a guide as Leadership makes decisions for Marcy. You can also share your ideas using the Hopes and Dreams Statement online submission form located in the News section on the home page.

Ideas from the group:
1. All students working at or above grade level to be challenged
2. Expand recess time
3. Every decision at Marcy made through the filter of open education
4. Recognition that skills and learning happen in the context of a value system, work on developing the values that help learning
5. More open communication with parents – e.g. longer school day and shortening of lunch and recess, letting parents know why things are happening
6. Opportunities to be active all day
7. Focus on our status as an open magnet in the face of AYP pressures, etc
8. Support student learning

2. Fundraising discussion (Elizabeth Hawley)
Scholastic bookfairs
Goal last year: work on restoring classroom libraries, so they used “scholastic dollars” to buy books (decided to take about $2300 in scholastic dollars - used by Kilee and Frank to buy books from Scholastic -vs. $700 cash)
Where exactly did Kilee spend her money? Maybe the book room. Suggestion that this year we could allocate each teacher a $ amount of “scholastic dollars” for books and take the rest in cash. Decision will depend on how much is made at the sales.

3. Principal’s Report (Donna)
Donna not present. Will request a written report.

Written Report from Donna (submitted October 7):

At our first Parent Council meeting in September, many parents voiced concern about the length of lunch and recess for their children. I explained to the group that our AYP status necessitates a schedule that reflects focused instruction, especially in reading, writing and math. The amount of time each curriculum needs to be implemented with integrity creates a tight schedule. Marcy teachers have had to look closely at the schedule and plan differently this year, being creative in their planning to provide our students all the experiences that make Marcy a strong Open school that incorporates thematic, project based learning, emphasizing personal growth and development within a peaceful and globally aware community.

Lunch and recess are important factors in a student's day. Therefore, we are increasing lunch and recess to 40 minutes for our first through sixth grade students. Kindergarten students currently have 30 minutes to eat, then have recess. Middle School students will continue their current schedule, which incorporates socializing, eating and recess very well!
Thanks for voicing your concerns! As we move forward, we are focused on creating an academic environment where students are achieving at high levels and enjoying their school community, as well. Parent involvement is key to Marcy's success!

4. Restoring recess for the kids, MPS contact list available
Parent example of her child’s day: School starts 8:40, lunch 11:45-12:00, gets to playground by 12:05, recess ends at 12:15. Not enough recess. She observed the kids crawling out of their skins during a math lesson before lunch. Kids don’t appear to be learning. Many present echoed these concerns.
Issues discussed:
Quantity of minutes required by AYP plans vs. Quality of learning
Need to recognize the value of play
Kids not eating enough lunch because not enough time to eat.
What to do?
Contact the district. Distribution of district and school board emails for anyone interested.

Superintendent: Bernadeia.Johnson@mpls.k12.mn.us
Area Supervisor: Erin.Glynn@mpls.k12.mn.us

5. Math Enrichment – tabled to next meeting

6. Fall Fun (Elizabeth Hawley, coordinator)
Community building event, lots of volunteer opportunities, one hour shifts
Classrooms responsible for games, theme baskets
October 29, 5-8 p.m.

7. Leadership Report (Lisa)
a. Proposed changes to Leadership Constitution
MOTION: To ratify proposed amendment to the Leadership Constitution to reduce site council meetings from twice to once a month (Resolution 2010-001)
ACTION: Resolution 2010-001 failed with vote of 0 in favor, 10 opposed and 2 abstentions
MOTION: To ratify proposed amendment to the Leadership Constitution to change after school meeting time to 7:30 a.m. (Resolution 2010-002)
ACTION: Resolution 2010-002 failed unanimously (0 in favor, 12 opposed and 0 abstentions)

b. Call for Agenda items for next Leadership meeting on Monday, October 11
Math enrichment - concern that students not able to work above grade level when appropriate
Expanding Recess

c. Review of Leadership Constitution ARTICLE II: Representation and Membership – tabled because out of time

8. Treasurer’s Report (Amy)
Amy circulated the proposed budget and summarized projected income and expenses. Discussion of decreasing revenues from last year and agreement to dip into the reserves in order to provide money for math enrichment (in the form of dollars allowing our principal to contract with Tricia Bergh to continue math enrichment she has provided in past years)
MOTION: To Approve the Parent Council budget for 2010-2011
ACTION: Proposed Budget Approved for 2010-2011 passed unanimously

9. Election of 2 parent reps and alternates for the Leadership Council
a. One term expiring Fall 2011
Nominations: Lisa Hondros
b. One term expiring Fall 2012
Nominations: Shannon Williams
c. Four Alternates
Nominations: Jenny Shimanski, Alecia Ramsay, Elizabeth Hawley, Bettina Dehnhard
ACTION: Elected by acclamation.

10. Special Requests - None
Discussion of putting a special request form on the website to make requests easier for staff

11. Other Business
Marcy Pages coordinator needed

Next Parent Council Meeting will be on Thursday, November 4
Ideas for Future Meetings? Contact Julia: julia55413@yahoo.com

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)