October 7, 2016

Hello 110 Families,


We had another wonderful week. We had our first visit with Uli.  He came and led us through an exploration of fresh, healthy and local foods.  We were able to make salads from these fresh ingredients.  If you did not yet contribute the $5 to help pay to have Uli come to our school you still can.  He’s coming again next week.


Conferences are coming up October 18th from 3:30-7:30 and October 19th from 8:30-3:30. They will be 20 minute conferences.  If there is a time that works well for you let me know.  I also have signup sheets outside the classroom door. 


Have a great weekend!

Rachel Herder



Next week:


Sharing –

Monday – Sanai

Tuesday – Selma

Wednesday – Tahlia

Thursday – Tucker

Friday – Asli


Centers –


Monday – Art

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday – Art

Friday – Music


What we’re doing in:


Reading: We are thinking about making sure we understand what we are reading by using strategies to figure out tricky works, checking for understanding and rereading when necessary.


Math: We are working on place value.


Science: We are comparing the lifecycles of mealworms, waxworms and milkweed bugs.  We are doing observations of the insects when we notice changes and writing in our science journals. 


Writing: We are writing personal narratives.  We are thinking about really meaningful small moments in our lives and writing about them.  We are planning out our stories before we write and working on starting with a really detailed beginning that catches the readers attention.




·      Fridays are tie-dye Fridays and students are encouraged to where tie dye to show Marcy Pride.

·      Please check your child’s Friday folder every week.

·      No toys at school.