October 9, 2012 Minutes

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2012
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Minutes from last meeting – approved

Agenda for meeting - approved

Committee Report – Climate committee shared out about Unity Day tomorrow, October 10, 2012. Students can wear orange tomorrow and at 6:30 pm there will be two movies shown about bullying. Chicken Little for K-4 students and families and 5-8 will watch Bullied.

Principal Report – We are enjoying our new library very much. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this effort.

Carl our assistant principal is out on medical leave and out until the end of October. If he is well enough he will be back. If you hear about Karen, she is our temporary assistant principal and she has been a principal in the district and a district area superintendent.

Teferi has taken a position in the district and Tiffany, who was Andrea’s student teacher last year, has taken over his position. She started on Monday. She if very excited to be here. Teferi will be working as the district K-5 Social Studies teacher on special assignment.

We are holding steady on our numbers. We are high but not as high as expected. Our biggest area of concern this year is our kindergarten class. They are at 28, 29, and 30.

Since our numbers were so high the district gave us another .5 teacher. This would have been very disruptive to the students and their families. Instead of getting another teacher we will give each of the K teachers an AE for most of the day.

The plan for the future will be for Marcy to have three full-time kindergarten classrooms.

New Business:
Book Fair – Nancy Rathmann is heading the book fair this year. Where do the proceeds go to from this event? In the past some has gone to the library but with the new library Ardella thinks the money should go to the classrooms. Usually teachers get about $30 scholastic dollars worth of merchandise and the rest comes as cash pay out.

Fall Fun - is being headed up by Elizabeth Hawley. This is the last Friday in October and is from 5-8. All the games are almost set, flu vaccine this year again, gift baskets again, the book fair will be going on, and food for sale. Watch for what your student’s class chooses as a theme basket. This is a fun evening for all kids. This is a community event and the prices are not high. Tickets are .25 cents and everything is paid for with the tickets. This is a big carnival event. Remind families that they need to attend with their middle school students.

Spent time as a large group going through and updating Family Involvement Plan for this school year.

Marcy Hopes and Dreams – 5 minute stand up meeting
1. Open Education Group (focus on values, precepts, responsive classroom)
2. Outreach and Diverse Representation on the Parent and Site Councils (family nights with speakers, recruiting new member to councils, encouraging more parents to participate)
3. Communication (keeping website current, online bulletin board)

Parent questions –
1. Can the athletic director come to one of these meetings? Would like to see this be more inclusive?
2. Lunch cost question?
3. When will we get the extra AEs for the kindergarten rooms? We could have someone in those positions in a week and a half.
4. Specialists are available for conferences. Please stop by and see them.
5. Feel free to stop by and see all the teachers that your child works with.
6. Open house needs to be done like middle school next year for all grades.
7. Partnership with our school on healthy choices, biking, walking, etc. coming next month to our MOPSC meeting.
8. When are Michael and Jason coming? Let Donna know when he should come.

Joint portion of meeting adjourned and Parent Council continued meeting to approve their budget.
Respectfully submitted, Sara Dotty, recorder.


ITEM #1: Nominations and elections for 2012-13 Parent Council Board Officers and two parent reps for Site Council (terms ending for Shannon Williams and Jackie Dekker-Travis). Four reps continuing for one more year are: Lisa Hondros, Holly Hatch-Surisook, Julia Janousek and Mathew O’Brien. Continuting alternates are: Elizabeth Hawley and Alison Hunter
ACTION: Unanimous vote electing the following slate of officers, parent reps and alternates for Site Council.

Chair: Elizabeth Hawley
Vice Chair: Shannon Williams
Treasurer: Terri Warren
Secretary: Lisa Hondros
Parent Representatives to Site Council: Alix Herzing and Katie Hedlund Miller
Parent Alternates: Donna Sanders, Sarah Beggs and Laura Cayere-King

ITEM #2: Request for approval of Proposed Parent Council Budget for 2012-2013
DISCUSSION: Question about income reported for last year from Box Tops. Parent who volunteers to count box tops believes income should be about $500 more than reported. Board will follow up with bookkeeper. After discussion of items in proposed budget, consensus to increase Project Success allocation from $1300 to $1333 to cover full third of Parent Council’s share of the expense ($4000 shared between the school, MAP and Parent Council).
ACTION: Proposed Budget approved as amended.

Eve Parker requests $500 to support planning for Options Day.
ACTION: Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned approximately 7:45 pm. Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros, secretary.