See for yourself the learning that goes on and the fun we have in Room 115!

First Day of School
Warm Fuzzy Academic Choice


We learned about warm fuzzies today!  Our learning targets were: I can create a warm fuzzy and write about what warm fuzzy means to me; I can create a poster to show and describe a warm fuzzy; and I can write a play to tell a warm fuzzy story.  Students chose which activity they would like to do to show their learning about warm fuzzies!

Big/Little Buddies: The Lorax

1st and 2nd graders from room 115 pair up with their big buddies from Mr B's 5th and 6th grade classroom in a photo editing project.  Our Graph Design specialist, Steven Schmitz, helped facilitate this activity.  We all turned into The Lorax for the day!

The Lorax

Non-fiction Text Features

1st and 2nd graders worked hard to explain what they have learned about non-fiction text features and how we use them when reading.  Some students chose to have their voices in the video, some chose to be video taped, and others chose to contribute to with examples of the text features.

Nonfiction Text Features

African Roots

Take a look at our 1st and 2nd grade dancing machines!!! 

African Roots music residency included a study of a variety of music genres and artists.  From Ray Charles to Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, and Louis Armstrong, the students sang, danced, and performed.

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