Project SUCCESS is a youth-development organization that works with students over a six-year period, from middle school through high school, to help them develop life skills and inspire them to act on their dreams. Every year Project SUCCESS asks over 10,000 middle and high school students what they want to do with their lives. Project SUCCESS listens and then they help them take action.

Through in-school goal-setting workshops and an innovative theater program, Project SUCCESS helps students make informed choices and plan for meaningful futures. Project SUCCESS believes in the power of kids to accomplish anything they set out to do.

Project SUCCESS has been serving the students, staff, and parents of Marcy Open School since 2008 with the following programming:

  • In-class, goal-setting workshops;
  • Opportunities for each student and their family to attend between six and twelve free theater events at 27 area theaters;
  • Middle School fieldtrips; and
  • Winter musical production

Additional information can be found at; view Marcy's Project SUCCESS page.

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