September 11, 2008

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2008
6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room

Board members present: Sarah Tittle (chair), Bettina D (co-chair), Lisa H. (secretary, leadership alternate), Jennifer McComas (leadership liaison), Sidney (Marcy family and community liaison); Julia Janousek (parent representative and Marcy Family Network facilitator)


1. Principal/Assistant Principal’s Report (Bridget)
a. Marcy is full: 628 students showed (599 projected)
b. PBIS/PRIDE: Marcy is developing building wide expectations, e.g. lessons on how to show PRIDE in the hallway and lunchroom; relates to Responsive Classroom, teaching and modeling behavior; monthly school wide celebrations of success
c. New snack time this year because of late lunches
Why are lunches later? District expects 90 minutes literacy, 60 minutes math, and next year’s goal is 120 literacy and 90 math. Lunch is now scheduled from 11:30 – 2:00 to accommodate longer blocks of lesson time, and classrooms are asked to establish a snack time.
d. Marcy is looking for parent volunteers
e. Open House September 18
f. New math curriculum – district rep will present on September 30 (6:30-7:30 Media Center), also there will be a curriculum night in 1-2 months
g. Buses: some have been arriving an hour late after school, but today came on time, parents encouraged to contact school/district transportation office with any problems

2. Election of Board Members: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Leadership Reps (2), Alternates (at least 4)
Continuing leadership terms: Jennifer M. and Jackie Dekker
New Leadership Rep - Lisa Hondros
Leadership Alternates – Elizabeth Hawley, Aisling Reynolds, Amy Meyer, Laurie Andersen, Jennie Shimanski, Nancy Rathmar
Time of Leadership meetings to be determined, possibly alternating after school and evening
Postponed election of remaining positions until October 2 meeting

3. Treasurer’s Report (Sarah)
Need to finalize our budget at October meeting

4. Leadership Report – seeking agenda items for Monday’s meeting (September 15)
Parents asked for healthy snacks in every room to go on the agenda

5. Other Items:

a. Paul Thompson – Greening Our Schools presentation
Missing link is wellness, not enough time for activity to reduce stress
Greening Our Schools sets up clubs for family activities (Family Outdoor Fun Club – biking, hiking, neighborhood clean up, etc), yoga classes
Teaches kids about worm composting, energy audits, etc
District Goal: save energy and save money
He wants volunteers for a Green Team
Projects at other schools: Second Chance Paper Box (reuse blank sides of paper);
Former MPCA employee and social worker made things out of recycled items; field trips;
Great River Greening Acorn Challenge – collecting acorns for reclaiming oak savannah

b. Classroom Reps (Julia)
Looking for volunteers
Role: point person, communication, support for teachers

c. Format PC meetings
Proposal to alternate topic and business meetings and Jennifer M. will chair topics
Contact Jennifer with topics, e.g. what is open school? What is a peace site? Student presentations, like what is PRIDE? MAP and arts integration

d. Discussion of Referendum (parents Denise Mayotte and Kate Towle)
Denise (referendum liaison): important to be leaders in educating others about the referendum
Things to do: lawn signs, house parties, calling (each school will have a night of calling – need 20 parents and 20 teachers)
Kate: Strong Cities Strong Schools ($60 million referendum)
2000 Referendum will expire next year ($30 million); all goes to class sizes
Costs $3.4 million to buy down class size by one student across the district
Referendum based on property taxes and would cost the average Mpls home (valued at $56K) about $173.83/year in increased taxes.
Accountability: two former state finance commissioners have agreed to oversee money as it comes in and give accountability updates to the public.
Education spending has not kept up with inflation; MN has gone from being 5th in the nation to 30th in spending on education.

e. Fundraising (Sidney)
Volunteers needed for Magazine Sale (order counters). This year, school gets 45% of sales, and the vendor will plant a tree for every three orders.
Blue Sky guides for sale

g. Fall Fun (Elizabeth Hawley)
Fall Fun will be on October 24
Need a new chair; Elizabeth would stay on the committee as a member-at-large

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)

September 11, 2008 Parent Council Meeting
Parent Council Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2008
6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room