September 11, 2012 Minutes

MOPSC Meeting

September 11, 2012
Multi-Purpose Center
6:00 – 7:30

In Attendance:

Approval of Agenda – The agenda was approved

Approval of Minutes from May 8, 2012 Meeting – The minutes were approved

Committee Report – MAP meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend. At the meetings they approve residencies in May and get them underway in the beginning of the year. April is the big MAP gala at the Soap Factory. Meeting at 5:30 on the second Wednesday of the month. They will have a table at the open house.

Principal’s Report – Target Library Makeover – we applied in the past for this make over and did the paper work but were not chosen for a makeover. Last year, we began working with PRESS on literacy in K-3 and due to that connection we got a library makeover. Target has been working with our staff and students all along the way to make this great library. The grand unveiling will be on September 19th during the day for students and any families that might want to attend. We are also having our open house/curriculum night on the 19th.

There will be a few hours out of the day for this event for all students. Every child is getting a backpack with 7 books. They are giving the library 2000 new books also. We will have target volunteers to help shelf the new books, have lunch with the students and help us kick this off.

They are having a meeting with staff on Friday to say thank you to staff.

Our school is not always able to get items that other schools get because our school does not have enough students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Currently we are at 45% but for most organizations you need 50% free and reduced lunch.

We will not have the monthly food shelf foods for all students due to our free and reduced status. We are working with our community partner (First Congregational Church) to get food to students and families that might need this now.

New Business
1. Welcome and Introductions – went around the tables to introduce ourselves to each other.

2. Election of co-chairs (Jean and Lisa), secretary (Sara), and time keeper (Kilee) – We will need to elect new members in May of 2013
3. Talent Development (Eve and Nina)
This is a new initiative in Minneapolis. It used to be Gifted and Talented. They are working to honor all students’ talents. There are levels of learning that frames this work.  (Link to handout Levels of Service Model)
Level 1 applies to all students and this is an emphasis on classroom differentiation for interest and learning profile, and enrichment.
Level 2 applies to anyone but not everyone will sign up for them. This could be specialty clubs like chess or math.
Level 3 are for students who have been identified with advanced learning needs. Students will engage in work that has more rigor and challenge. All second grade students are assessed by their standardized tests and the CogAT7 assessment. They also look at staff and parent input. The students who are identified will be given some acceleration in a content area. Parents can get in touch with Eve if they think their child needs to be assessed but they are not in second grade. We cannot do this assessment here but there is some availability at the district level.
Level 4 is for a very few students. These are kids that need to accelerate grades and will not apply very often.

The Marcy plan is a work in progress. We will be flexing as needed for the needs of students.

Students are talented for the whole day. They are not just gifted for one hour a day or week for a special project. They need to be challenged throughout their day.

The second grade students, that were identified last year, are in a “compacted” math group. There are three 3rd grade math classes this year and 2 are at grade level and one is accelerated using the “compacted” math curriculum. This math curriculum is being piloted this year. It will change and grow as we learn.

Compacting the curriculum means going deeper and faster as needed. Students are tested against the state standards. It is differentiated curriculum to meet the various needs of your students. It fits very well with open school philosophy.

Deeper, richer, and more complex curriculum is offered to students who have tested out of the standards.

We have about 32 kids who were identified through the CogAT7 last year. Teachers pretest students prior to each unit so any class can accelerate any student who needs it.

Research shows that school that have this in their building improves overall test scores for all students. We are working to close our achievement gap. We are a Focus school due to our achievement gap. Our students of color are not achieving at the same rate as our white students.

You can call or email Eve with any questions or concerns. You can also check out the district website for information and research on talent development.

4. Review Hopes and Dreams – What do we want to work on this year?
• Open education (e.g. focus on values, precepts, responsive classroom)
• Outreach and Diverse Representation on the Parent and Site Councils (e.g. family nights with speakers, recruiting new members to councils, encouraging more parents to participate)
• Communication (e.g. keeping website current, online bulletin board)
Old Business
1. Managing Diabetes at Marcy – There are training modules for non-medical staff to treat students with diabetes. Staff is trained a Marcy and has access to the nurses office and student medical supplies. Staff is given lists of students with medical issues. Staff needs to use this for ALC and Community Education classes also. Staff needs to make sure that kids have the medication that they need with them when they leave the building. We cannot allow kids to be responsible for this.
2. Incorporating Movement in the School Day – 30-minute lunch and 30 recesses for K-6th grade students. There is a need for more organized games for students in grades 1 and 2 for the 30-minute recess period.
Announcements –
Curriculum Night/Open House and Library Makeover September 19, 2012 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Peace Day is September 21st, 2012 – We are an international peace site and the 21st is national day.
Latino Family night is September 17th 6:30 – 7:30
Somali Family night is September 23rd 6:30 – 7:30
October 9th is the next MOPSC meeting