September 13, 2010


September 13, 2010
Leadership Meeting

In Attendance – Jean Dudley, Eric Hedican, Teferi Fufa, Sara Dotty, Kilee Christnagel, Sarah Tittle, Rhonda Geyette, Barb Reiter, Nicole Khuse, Carl Wilson, Polly Smull, Tamsen Brock, Rosemary Schindeldecker, Sidney Orchard, Jackie Dekker-Travis, Lisa Hondros, and Shannon Williams

Donna began the meeting by passing out folders of information. In the folders were the following items:
1. School Calendar
2. School Improvement Goals
3. Constitution from 1993
4. AYP results
5. SIP Monitoring Documentation
6. Quality Review summary
7. PBIS and Developmental Design approach
8. Marcy Open Magnet School Proposal

Parents also handed out an Open Interdisciplinary Team letter from South Open and a document describing Responsive Classroom.

Donna asked that the committee restructure our meetings so that we would only meet once a month in the evening. Much discussion was had on the merits of having one or two meetings per month. It was brought up that we needed to follow the bi-laws in the 1993 Constitution. Team leaders and parent representatives were asked to go back to their constituents and find out if they would like to change the meetings from two per month to one. This information should be emailed to our co-chairs by September 21, 2010.

Much discussion was had about this committee and how we should function. It was decided that we would create Hopes and Dreams for this committee. Leaders will need to go to their constituents and email ideas for the Hope and Dreams to the co-chairs by September 21, 2010.

Someone brought up the fact that Barton uses portfolios to communicate student learning and wondering if it will be using portfolios here also. It was confirmed that we would be doing portfolios at Marcy. Materials were ordered for each classroom and products from each content area will saved for use in portfolios.

A discussion was had about combining the Parent Council and the Leadership Team in some way. Carl shared his views on how this happened when he was at Barton.

It was brought up that parents would like staff to be able to talk about how open fits into our classrooms. Some have heard negative comments from staff and that has been discouraging. A suggestion was made that staff could discuss how open fits in their classrooms at the Open House event and during conferences.

Voted on Leadership positions. Rhonda Geyette volunteered to be the co-chair of leadership and was voted in. Lisa Hondros was elected as the other co-chair. Eric Hedican was elected as the timekeeper and Sara Dotty was elected as the recorder.

Email Leadership co-chairs Hopes and Dreams and findings from teams on Constitution by September 21, 2010.

Next meeting on September 27th at 7:30 in media center?