September 13, 2011 Agenda

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Agenda
September 13, 2011
Media Center
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Parent Council Board Members: Chair Elizabeth Hawley, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Leadership Officer Holly Hatch-Surisook and Parent Liaison Sidney Orchard.
OPEN SEAT: Treasurer

Site Council Membership: Holly Hatch-Surisook (parent), Lisa Hondros (parent), Julia Janousek (parent), Shannon Williams (parent), Donna Andrews (principal), Barb Reiter (kindergarten team), Nicole Khuse (primary team), Anne Hoglund (intermediate 3/4 team), Marvin Boucher (intermediate 5/6 Team), Sara Dotty (middle school team); Scott Thorstenson (content area specialist), Jean Dudley (specialist serving special populations), Krista Eduarte (at-large non-licensed staff), Sidney Orchard (at-large non-licensed staff).
OPEN SEATS: Parents (2 plus 5 alternates); Students (2); Community Member; Business Partner

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of Minutes from August 19, 2011 Meeting
III. Committee Reports
IV. New Business

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Election of co-chairs, secretary and time keeper
3. Marcy 101
4. Proposed Peace Day joint venture between MOPSC and Minnesota Int’l Center
5. Nat’l Jr Honor Society winter "walk a thon" at school for science & math enrichment
6. District regulation 6690C: Food in Classrooms


A. The decision to serve foods in the classroom as part of the curriculum shall be made by the teacher. Food shall not be served as a reward, incentive or as part of a personal celebration whether prepared by the teacher or by a student or student’s family, unless the food served is part of a student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) or IAP (Individual Accommodation Plan).
B. Teachers shall notify principals when food will be provided students as part of the curriculum in their classrooms.

7. Review Hopes and Dreams – What do we want to work on this year?
8. Identify committees/task forces to work on specific items

• Focusing on open/progressive education
• Teaching about Marcy through a Responsive Classroom Model
• Making PRIDE more alive in the building
• Family nights with speakers
• Filling in membership gaps in the Marcy Open Parent/Site Council
• Reworking the constitution to meet our current needs

V. Announcements
VI. Adjournment