September 14, 2012

Happy Friday Families,

This was our first full week in Kindergarten.  I believe I’ve sent your children home exhausted.  

Next week: We will celebrate the following colors the same way we did this week (wear something that color and bring one lightweight item in that is that color).

Friday-Rainbow day (also tie-dye day)

Open House is Wednesday night from 6-8pm. Please plan to attend.  Visit our BRAND NEW Library!  

Library Unveiling is Wednesday. Our school will be filled with target volunteers and media.  I think I’ll go home very tired on Wednesday!

Afterschool classes: 2 different forms for after school classes went home in the Friday folders. I teach a FREE class for kindergartners that you will find in the salmon color brochure. I teach it M-Th from 3:15-5:15pm. Transportation is provided home after classes. Classes start Oct. 1.  Please return forms by Friday.

Friday Folders-Please go through the Friday folder with your child and take out the student work. In the folder you will find a reading log with an explanation to the principal’s challenge.  (I know the form has the wrong teacher name on it, we can still use the form). This is a school-wide program. You will also find a handwriting page with your child’s name on it.   Your child should practice their best handwriting by writing their name a few times a day in PENCIL. We are working on using upper and lower case letters appropriately (most of our students are in the habit of writing their name in all capitals).  We are also working on establishing good habits of how to hold a PENCIL. While I have 28 students to help and monitor with proper pencil grip, you have one kindergartner. It would be a HUGE help if you could help your child with pencil grip and proper letter formation at home.  You can also monitor this when they are drawing and coloring. Please note that all handwriting should be done in PENCIL.  

Becky is at the U of MN for the next 2 weeks.  She will be greatly missed.

Take a Break procedures- we are in full swing of ‘taking a break’ when we are not following our rules. It is going well and students are remembering to return when they feel ready to follow the rules (self regulation is great). 

When students take a 2nd break I discuss strategies that might help the student.  For example, if a student keeps talking/disrupting group one strategy might be for them to sit by someone they don’t know and wouldn’t be tempted to talk to.  

I also wanted to let everyone know that if a student takes a 3rd break, it takes place in the other kindergarten classroom.  When I invite the student back to our classroom we talk about the rule that was broken and a plan for change. At this time the student calls home to share this with their parent.  We do this, because if a student needs a 4th break, they are sent to the behavior support person or the principal to talk through a plan again.  They tend to call home and they want to make sure the family is already aware of the situation before they talk to the family (they don’t want to catch the family by surprise). 

It sounds pretty serious, but students rarely get to the 4th break. This is a school-wide procedure.  If you have any questions/concerns about it, please let me know.

If you are still reading this email….thank you. They get much shorter as the year goes on.  Just a lot of information to share in the beginning of the year!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Kilee Christnagel
Kindergarten Teacher
Marcy Open School