September 20, 2007

Parent Council Meeting
September 20, 2007

The following people were elected into office:

Chair: Sarah Tittle

Vice Chair: Bettina Denhard
Secretary: Lisa Hondros

Treasurer: Lisa Petersen

Leadership Representatives: Alison Hennen, Jennifer McComas (liaison),
Mary Thell, Jackie Dekker
Alternates: Suzy Durkacs, Lisa Hondros, Linda Lincoln,
Jenny Shimanski

Discussion and approval of the budget was tabled until the
 October 4 meeting.

Principal's Report.
Donna reports that the new school year is going
well. We are more than full: 640 students as of 9/20. Middle School
enrolment is at 151, which is larger than usual. Because of our large
numbers, the district is giving Marcy money to hire 1.2 new teachers
(equivalent to one full-time and 1/5 time position). This year there
is an additional 3/4 classroom and half-day kindergarten. Both
teachers are reportedly doing very well.
The Project Citizen program has earned Marcy the first Superior rating
for a Minnesota school when representatives from the team exploring
the gym floor debated in the finals in Boston. This is a big deal and
Marcy should be proud of Eve Parker and her students (5/6 grade).
Nearly all of the teachers have been trained in Responsive Classroom
and are currently putting the principles into practice. Donna agreed
to report back later in the year.

Other topics.
Lee Ann Mfaligundi brought up the issue of the Middle
School Dance, which has been tentatively scheduled to take place
during a school day, between the hours of noon and 3:00 p.m. The kids
are upset that this dance will not take place at night. Donna
mentioned that some students will have difficulty finding
transportation to a nighttime event. She also cited a need for parent
volunteers. Lee Ann and Sidney Orchard agreed to try to find
carpooling solutions and parent help. They will report at the next

Late Buses. We are down to 8 buses from 12 and this is causing delays
in the start of the school day. Compounding the situation is the fact
that many of the students who ride buses take advantage of Marcy's
breakfast program. Additional problems: many bus drivers are unsure of
their new routes and unruly behavior because of overpopulated
unsupervised buses. To help maintain order, teachers have been
assigned to buses to help monitor the behavior and other problems.
Parents who are upset about this situation are encouraged to call the
office of transportation at the district and complain. These calls are
logged and every one counts.

Gifted and Talented Program. Eve Parker will be heading up efforts to
provide enrichment classes for students in a variety of areas. Concern
about the name of the program was expressed; Donna will report back to
Eve about this. Rhonda Vopava Gayette suggested that parents who are
interested in these programs bring this up at conferences. These
programs are meant to include, and not exclude, students.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Tittle (serving as secretary)