September 21, 2012

We had another great week, finishing all our colors. We’ve added the color words to our word wall so now we know where to find them when we want to write them. We didn’t have a lot of luck with Monarchs this year. I started with 20 eggs, 12 hatched into caterpillars and then they just started dying. We’ve had one hang on with us, but is suffering from ‘failure to thrive’ as he hardly eats and is not growing. Note that the classrooms that were successful with their Monarchs have them hatching from the Chrysalis’ in the next couple of days. Ours is too small and it just isn’t going to happen for us. I assure you that I have a better success rate at keeping Kindergarteners alive and healthy than I do caterpillars. Please don’t let this worry you.

Since we finished our Monarch journals, we stared regular journals for their morning work. They write the date, draw a picture and write some words to go along with the picture. Today was day 1 and they really worked hard. I even had a few students write sentences! It was fun to see.  We focus on sounding our words out (not worrying if the word is spelled correctly) and finding words in the room.

Open House was a lot of fun to see you all again. If you were absent, I am sending home the paperwork in your Friday folder. At the open house, one of the handouts was on handwriting. I’m sure you all read the handwriting handout diligently and it is front and center on your fridge. (If it fell off and went under your fridge and you need a new copy, just let me know). This handwriting handout is important to keep all year. It discusses proper pencil grip (this goes for pens, markers, crayons…)  It also shows you in detail how to form each letter. This is VERY important. We are developing habits in our children. We want them to develop good habits.  Forming letters correctly is important for penmanship, efficiency in writing, and the ease when moving toward cursive writing in 3rd grade. I can honestly say that most students in the class are forming their letters incorrectly which makes handwriting time VERY busy in class for me. Please take your child’s handwriting homework very seriously and sit with your child the entire time and observe and insist that they form their letters correctly. Remember that the handwriting homework is assessed on QUALITY, not QUANTITY. I’d much prefer to have 3 names well done than 20 not well done. Take your time and help your child form good habits please. 

*Handwriting homework should be returned on FRIDAYS. Even if your child isn’t ‘done’, please return it.  You will receive handwriting homework EVERY week.  

Conference sign up was at the open house. If you weren’t able to make it, please email me a 2-hour window you’d like a conference on Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 8-2pm (there is no school this day). I will email you back the time that is open within that window.

We had Be Safe Bear visit and talk to us about how to be safe on wheels. Be Safe Bear visits the kindergarten classrooms monthly to discuss different safety rules.

This week we start Folk dancing and singing with Robin on Tuesday afternoons (1:50-2:35).  We will do this every week until Thanksgiving when we will come together for a family dance celebration.

Next week we will have our first big/lil buddy time on Friday (9-10am).   We are paired with Susan Welle’s 3/4th grade class. 

Hope you have a great weekend. 

Kilee Christnagel
Kindergarten Teacher
Marcy Open School