September 27, 2010 - Minutes

Leadership Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2010

Agenda is approved for today’s meeting.

Minutes from Sept. 13th, 2010 approved.

Committees at Marcy
Staff Development

9 out of the 13 votes will need to be for a motion/vote to pass

At staff meetings and parent council it is 50%+ passes and it is only for those constituents who are there. All members do not have to be present. Which groups vote?

Move for the resolution of the meeting times and discussion held. Can special meetings be called outside of the scheduled meetings? Yes, a special meeting can be called with proper notification.

Teams and parent shared their thoughts on meetings:
5/6 various thoughts but that it is easier to have two scheduled and to cancel one if it is not needed
7/8 once a month
3/4 once a month
Specialist once a month and if business needs to be carried over than we have a second meeting
1/2 once a month
AEs once a month would be fine
K doesn’t feel strongly but want to have enough meetings as needed
Parent feels – Lisa thinks this is a critical time for school with AYP and school success. It is an important time to reinvigorate this group and make it a site-based model. There is a lot to be done. Lisa has heard from parents that they would like to have two meeting so that their voice can be heard. In the end, hopefully we can be a functioning group. It is easier to cancel meetings that to schedule. Another parent felt that one effective meeting was the way to go.

Can meetings be canceled? With adequate notice the meetings can be canceled. If we don’t have an agenda than the meeting can be cancelled.

It would be nice to have a meaningful meeting once a month vs. trying to have meeting with no agenda items and wasting people’s time.

If we have two meetings a month having open as part of the leadership committee and if we have one meeting than open should maybe be a committee.

Confusion with Article 10 and who votes – if we have many teacher groups and only one parent group than parents will have less constituents and therefore less “power” in the vote. Not true one group can block the vote. It is not majority rules it must pass in all groups or we don’t move forward on it.

We need to bring back our vote back to this meeting. Teams need to vote and bring back specific numbers based on members on their team.

Confusion with ¾ and 5/6 as one voting member since there is only one intermediate member. We decided to have ¾ and 5/6 each being a voting member. Can this be changed in the constitution with out an official vote?

Who is our at large person? What is Rosemary role?

Future item – review Article II of constitution.

Hope and Dreams for Leadership – has received some but is continuing to collect ideas with a deadline of October 6, 2010. Lisa will catoregorize these as they come in. Send Hopes and Dreams to Lisa to directly or they can be submitted on the website. It will be in Parent’s Press until Parent Council meeting.

New Business/Discussion Item:

1. Establish an Open Education Committee charged with strengthening the integrity of the open program at Marcy. The new Open Committee will meet once a month and consider issues such as professional development, teacher mentoring, open orientations for families and new staff and building a network with open programs at Barton and South High. (Below are thoughts from the group)
• Parent would like to support open in many ways (district and state)
• Initiative with South and Barton shared
• Marcy middle, Barton middle and South are meeting on November 16
• Donna and Steve have been in contact and are working with the Principal at South
• Is Marcy not viewed as an open school? South is very taken with Steve and they are using him as a consultant. Steve is not comfortable with that role. He has been with Barton for 21 years.
• What is Marcy perceived to be missing? There used to be more freedom but now we have more guidance. Not that it is bad. What is that people feel Marcy is missing? This needs to be explained more.
• There are opportunities for “open” within the schedule.
• Four open handouts were shared to use with team or others for the possible new open committee
2. Are their staff that are interested in being on this committee with parents outside of the duty day?
3. SIP draft will be shared on October 11, 2010 at the Leadership evening meeting.
4. Marcy Achievement gap is still here and what can we do to close it. It is our students of color and our free and reduced lunch students. How can we get more families of color at our Leadership meetings? There have been some Somali parent meetings. Invitations to families in native languages. Parents haven’t been successful in building relationships. Our boundaries have changed and we have some student’s north in Minneapolis. Waite Park wanted to reach out to their Spanish speaking population. They had three separate meetings in Spanish only and then merged them together.
5. Need for adequate recess – ¾ team only has about 7 minutes of recess by the time the kids get outside. As a parent how did this get cut? What was the pressure? Last year we had ½ lunch and recess but teacher enlongated the recess by 10 to 15 minutes. This year we had to have a schedule that we are trying to follow due to our AYP status. Donna has contacted our Area Superintend Erin Glynn and Superintendent Bernadia Johnson. Waiting to hear from the district on what our options are within this area. Parents are willing to help with this issue. How nutrition benefits learning and how recess benefits learning. Donna will report back when she hears from the district. We are at 3.1 on the AYP list. The district is watching us more closely in our Corrective Action state. Kids need some time to release their energy for better learning. There is only a ½ hour for lunch and recess but it doesn’t take into account travel time from lunch to recess. It seemed that we are on AYP for a single cell. People believe that we are moving forward to meet the student’s needs. How can movement be incorporated in to other parts of the day?
6. District push is less of the teacher on stage and imparting the knowledge and more facilitating learning through mini lessons, work period for students/hands-on, and a closing to solidify the learning. There is also the morning meeting and closing at the end of the day. Teachers can take movement breaks when needed. There is a structure to the block but open within. Teachers are to confer with individual students and help move everyone forward.
7. The spirit of what was intended has been lost in Article II. Rhonda will find out how the Barton leadership team members are decided. Shannon will check with South about how leadership team members are decided. They will report back on October 11, 2010.
8. If the resolution doesn’t pass (to have one meeting a month) then the amendment would be the 2nd Monday would be the evening meeting at 6:30 to 8:00 and the 4th Monday of the month would be the 7:30-8:15 meeting. Get vote on resolution and then on amendment.
9. Announcements – Amazing volleyball team
10. Meeting adjourned
11. Future item – review Article II of constitution.