September 2, 2010

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2010
6:30 pm Media Center

Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair and Marcy Family Network facilitator); Donna Sanders (vice chair), Amy Orris (treasurer), Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative); Sarah Tittle (leadership officer)

Admin/staff present: Sidney Orchard (parent liaison), Eve Parker (Middle School and Gifted and Talented coordinator), Rhonda Vopava Gayette (5/6 teacher), Donna Andrews (principal)


1.  Welcome and Introductions

2.  Math Enrichment Presentation (Eve)
What have we been doing?
Staff:  Eve (Language Arts), Tricia Bergh (Math – about 7 hours/week)
Eve:  Reading groups, National Jr Honor Society, Yearbook, Knowledge Bowl
Tricia:  Online algebra supervision, MS math team, 5/6 pull outs, Math Olympiads, 2nd grade group for accelerated math (30 minutes/week), Pi night

To consider:  Parent Council funding Tricia for this year
Background:  Positions held by Sidney Orchard (parent liaison), Eve and Tricia are paid for on a contract basis, not through the district.  Marcy budget cannot pay for Tricia’s contract this year. Tricia has agreed to volunteer until a contract can be worked out.  She works 7 hours/week.
Unknown:  How much money is needed; how many hours Tricia could work

Questions for Eve?  Discussion of online algebra support.  Marcy has 8-10 students in online algebra, supervised by Marcy Associate Educator Emily Porter. Online algebra is the only way students can take a full year of algebra and be prepared for geometry as ninth graders.  8th Grade algebra classes taught by Marcy math teacher Mark Hirsch will cover one semester of algebra, with those students on path to take Algebra I in ninth grade.  Anecdotal evidence presented that at least a few students “pass into” geometry at South High after taking Mark’s class.  Lengthy discussion followed regarding how students are identified for online algebra, how well is it meeting student needs, etc.
ACTION:  Motion made and seconded to create a math enrichment task force with Sarah Tittle as a chair.  Passed unanimously.
Parents interested in joining the task force, contact Sarah at

3.  Principal’s Report (Donna)
“Smooth and wonderful beginning”
Focus on Responsive Classroom and PBIS
District has cut engineer time by 30 minutes a day.
Autism program with students in K-7 this year.

Questions for Donna?

Q:  Why no individual lockers for 8th graders?  Why do 7th graders get their own lockers?
A:  Opportunity for 7th graders to be more organized and improve academic achievement– suggested by data presented by Marcy guidance counselor; Donna will talk to staff about addressing any resentment among 8th Graders.

Q:  How much time do students have to eat lunch?  2nd grade student concern not enough time to eat
A:  30 minutes for lunch and recess.  No one is made to leave, but many kids don’t like to stay behind to finish eating.  Long waiting time will decrease as younger kids learn their PIN numbers.

Q:  Is recess shorter?
A:  Yes.  New schedule for this school year does not allow teachers to take students out for an additional 15 minutes of recess after lunch (common practice last year).  Change motivated by district requirements for increased time in reading and math.

4.  PreBudget Discussion for 2010-2011 school year

Things to consider:  how did major fundraising go last year?  Revenues were down.   Use this information to adjust projections and allocations for this year.  Allocate classroom funds on a per pupil basis ($15/student last year); allocate money to specialists; allocate money for special requests

Proposed budget will be presented for discussion and approval at October meeting.

5.  Other Business
a.  Seeking Leadership Rep Nominations for 2010-11
One term expiring Fall 2011
One term expiring Fall 2012
Four Alternates

Take nominations and elect Leadership Reps at October meeting.
NOTE:  Next Leadership meeting is on September 13.  All parents encouraged to attend.

b.  Next Parent Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 5
Ideas for Future Meetings?  Contact Julia:
OCT:  Fall Fun presentation

Meeting adjourned at 7:45p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)