September 30, 2010 Board Meeting

Minutes Parent Council Board Meeting
September 30, 2010
6:30pm, Sen Yai Sen Lek

Chair Julia Janousek, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Treasurer Amy Orris, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Parent Liaison Sidney Orchard

Item 1: Handling Credit Cards for the Labyrinth Project
At issue is the Labyrinth Committee’s request to use mail order forms asking for complete credit card numbers and CVV codes, which must be balanced against Parent Council’s need to avoid unnecessary exposure or liability in case of misuse of credit card data. We must also consider the needs of the Marcy Arts Partnership (MAP), the primary user of credit card services under the Parent Council umbrella. MAP has used RevTrak in the past for credit card services.

Since our last meeting, Donna contacted the MN Non Profits Assistance Fund, who told her that they don't advise nonprofits on credit cards, but they highly recommended using for fundraising. GiveMN, however, only deals with online contributions and would not address the Labyrinth Committee concerns.

Since our last meeting, Amy spoke with representatives of the Labyrinth Committee, Marcy Arts Partnership and RevTrak. Based on information she gathered, officers of the Board prepared a draft resolution for consideration at this meeting.

RESOLUTION #2010-001

WHEREAS Marcy Parent Council is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the educational goals of the Marcy Open School community;

WHEREAS Marcy Parent Council raises funds to support its mission and serves as the umbrella organization for the Marcy Arts Partnership (MAP) and the Marcy Labyrinth Project;

WHEREAS MAP requires the following credit card services: (1) online ticket orders (advance tickets) for the annual MAP gala; (2) credit card swipers at the event; and (3) tickets sales at the door;

WHEREAS based upon its research, MAP determined that RevTrak is the only credit card service provider able to cover all of MAP's needs for the annual MAP Gala;

WHEREAS the Marcy Labyrinth Project requires the following credit card services: (1) website capability for online orders; (2) mail order capability by either (a) entering credit card information online after receiving the mail orders or (b) using a credit card machine;

WHEREAS RevTrak offers services that meet the needs of both MAP and the Marcy Labyrinth Project, and also offers a wide variety of options and support including a customized web store that could accommodate all of Marcy Parent Council's fundraising initiatives;

WHEREAS RevTrak practices are compliant with current Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for protecting credit card data and will not accept mail-order forms containing complete credit card numbers and CVV codes.

Marcy Parent Council, and all organizations and projects under its oversight, including but not limited to MAP and the Marcy Labyrinth Project will use RevTrak for its credit card services and use PCI compliant procedures for all credit cards transactions. Mail order forms need to inform potential contributors who wish to pay using a credit card that a volunteer will call them to complete the transaction. During this phone call, the volunteer will enter the credit card data directly into the RevTrak system without writing down the credit card information or storing the information. Payments can also be paid directly by setting up a web store for contributors to go and enter card information directly themselves.

Discussion of the Resolution.
Negatives: the Labyrinth Committee has objected to using order forms that do not have all the credit card data, including CVV code, and would require a follow up call from a volunteer to complete credit card transactions.
Positives: protecting credit card data protects Parent Council from any financial exposure or liabilities; also noted that many mail order forms received will likely require follow up calls in order to confirm exactly what the contributor would like carved on the brick (in case of sloppy handwriting, for example).

Action: Passed Resolution 2010-001 unanimously.

Item 2: Proposed Budget

Revenues are down from both the Magazine and Plant sales. As a result we must lower our proposed budget allocations for classroom funds and other items.  Sidney informed the Board of a new issue. During last spring’s budget tie out, the Associate Educators (AEs) were figured incorrectly leaving Marcy with an $8000 bill. Donna (Andrews) will be using the Target money ($4800) to help cover this. Without the Target money, Marcy has extremely limited dollars. Sara Dotty has asked PC to put $500 in the budget for her to purchase things like books on CD. Social worker Diane Schmitz also needs money, so we added a “Social Worker” line allocating $200. Sidney informed the Board that about $800 of the profits from the last Scholastic Book Fair went directly to the school in the form of books rather than to Parent Council as cash income. For the proposed budget, we therefore decided to take $400 from the media center allocation and put in $400 on a line for Reading Specialist. Also discussed was the need to draw on our reserves to allocate $5000 to the Principal’s Fund restricted to paying for math enrichment provided by Tricia Bergh.

Action: Amy will put together the Proposed Budget in preparation for its review and approval at our October 5 meeting.

Adjourned 8:30pm
Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (secretary)