September 30, 2016

Hello 110 Families,


We had another wonderful week.


We will be starting media check out next week so if there is a form to fill out in your child’s Friday folder, please fill that out and send it back.  They can’t check out books until that is returned.


We started a new table challenge this week.  Tables earn points when they are all on task.  The table with the most points by Friday gets to have lunch with me.  If every table earns a total of ten points per day, the whole class gets to have a popcorn party on Friday. Ask your child to tell you about it. We got our popcorn party today!


We also started our new rotation with art today.  They have seen Steven for graphic arts for 5 weeks and not they will see Lorna on art days for the next 5 weeks.


Have a great weekend!

Rachel Herder


Next week:


Sharing –

Monday – Keng

Tuesday – Margot

Wednesday – Owen

Thursday – Raaid

Friday – Sam


Centers –


Monday – Music

Tuesday – Gym

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Music

Friday – Gym


What we’re doing in:


Reading: We are thinking about making sure we understand what we are reading by using strategies to figure out tricky works, checking or understanding and rereading when necessary.


Math: Establishing math routines and working on skip counting and word problems.


Science: We are comparing the lifecycles of mealworms, waxworms and milkweed bugs.  We are doing a lot of observing the insects and writing in our science journals. 


Writing: We are writing personal narratives.  We are thinking about really meaningful small moments in our lives and writing about them.  We are working on starting with a really detailed beginning and catches the readers attention.




·      Fridays are tie-dye Fridays and students are encouraged to where tie dye to show Marcy Pride.

·      Please check your child’s Friday folder every week.

·      No toys at school.