September 3, 2009

Parent FINAL Council Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2009       
6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room

Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair and Marcy Family Network facilitator); Bettina Dehnhard (vice chair), Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative); Sarah Tittle (treasurer), Sidney Orchard (family and community liaison)
Admin/teachers present: Donna Andrews, Susan (new assistant principal); Rhonda Vopava-Geyette

1.  Welcome

2.  Principal’s Report
a.  New staff:
•    reading specialist 6-8 (former MS Language Arts teacher Sara Dotty);
•    reading content focus coach K-6 Kilee Christnagle;
•    new autism program with 2 primary classrooms, district goal is to have self contained programs for special needs in every building with a push to mainstream into regular classes, students at Marcy will mainstream with an aide; Marcy continues to house the CLASS program in two classrooms (2 teachers, 3 aides); Mpls Kids has moved from one of its two classrooms to the stage to make room for one of the autism classes;
•    new half-time guidance counselor (Hannah Scherer), works on students with life plans, her child goes to ½ day K at Marcy – trained in the district’s Second Step anti-bullying, harassment, texting curriculum – plan to focus on bullying, etc this year

NOTE:  Second Step has a component for parents – potential for PC to invite district staff person to one of our meetings.

b.  School’s numbers look good (very popular, 595 students here, 74 students have not yet shown up but have not requested records to be moved to another school, kindergarten waitlist of 30);

c.  Changing School Options:  Open pathway to South HS appears to remain in place; new attendance boundaries for next year will exclude some current students from transportation, e.g. Prospect Park.

3.  Treasurer’s Report – postponed to October with Budget vote

4.  Other committee reports
    a.  Class Rep report (Julia)
        Still recruiting, primary team is well represented (105, 107, 108, 115, 208, 206)
    b.  Marcy Pages (Suzy Durkacs)
Suzy and Alison Hunter are working on this; invite volunteers to join them; new district privacy rules prevent publishing anyone’s name unless they consent; if you do not consent, you will not be able to get a book; parent concern that this may isolate some families; Marcy Pages will include warnings about misuse of information

DONATION NEEDED:  looking for a printer willing to donate services
Send Alison your ideas for printing: or 612.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: verification of data entry, must be done at a school computer but times are flexible

    c.  Magazine Sale (Sidney)
Biggest Marcy fundraiser, past years collected from $12-14,000; great advantage that orders go directly to the buyers
        Kick off September 27

    d.  Fall Fun
        Fall carnival, last Friday of October (October 30, 2009)
        Book fair

5.  Changing School Options Town Hall Meetings (Kate Towle, former DPAC – District Parent Advisory Council - member and chair)
Q:  what meeting should Marcy parents go to?  District advises attending Area B
Roosevelt HS meeting on September 10, 6:30-8:30.
Impacts of proposal on Marcy community
    Move from Area B to Area A will change attendance area
    Keeps South Open as a citywide magnet with transportation for Marcy students
Work in progress on a proposal for Edison to have a fine arts program in future
Decision expected from School Board on September 22.

6. Other Business

Fundraising ideas:  Dunn Bros cards, Target now offers debit cards in addition to VISA cards, Stephen Colbert micro-grants (on Facebook, take a look)
Action:  create a list of fundraising methods for PP, could be put in Marcy Pages

Next meeting:  October 1
Agenda:  Vote on proposed budget; Elect Board and leadership reps

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)