Room 101 Sharing

We’ve been practicing sharing and public speaking daily using “whip shares” where we each share about a topic quickly around the circle in morning meeting. We are going to begin a sharing schedule next Monday.  1-2 children will share each day.  Please look at your child’s sharing schedule and make note of their sharing day.  Your child will share during morning meeting on their sharing day. They will sit in the sharing (“Teacher’s”) chair, briefly share and then ask for three questions or comments from the class.  Please help your child practice, prepare and use their best judgment when choosing sharing.  We discourage the sharing of toys.  Projects, books, pictures, instruments or artifacts that tell us more about our interests and who we are encouraged.


Purposes of Sharing:

·Helps develop the skills of caring communication and involvement with one another

·Extends the knowing and being known that is essential for the development of community and for individuals’ sense of significance

·Encourages habits of inquiry and thought important for cognitive growth

·Provides practice in speaking to a group in a strong and individual voice.

·Strengthens vocabulary development and reading success


Sharing Ideas

-Family Members



-Favorite Book

-Special Trip

-Something you like (interests)

-Things you do when you are not in school (basketball, baseball, museums, play with siblings, read books, etc.)

-Something you made (projects)

-Summer activities

-Something from nature you would like to explore