MS Student Planners

Middle School students are required to have a student planner.  Planners are distributed to students in the first couple days of school. 

Planner Expectations

  • Planners are required for every class period.
  • Students should fill out their planner on a daily basis for each class.  Information that should be included in the planner:  homework, due dates, test dates, project dates, supplies needed, etc. 
  • If a student is absent, they are responsible for checking the on-line homework calendar, or talking to a friend, to fill in the planner.
  • Planners belong to students but planners are an academic tool that is used throughout the school setting.  Therefore students need to be aware that inappropriate drawings and/or writings in their planner will result in a consequence.
  • Planners will be checked on a weekly basis in homeroom. A parent signature is required on the planner when it is checked.
  • If a planner is lost or forgotten, students have 3 days to find the planner.  During that time period, students are responsible to write the necessary information on paper.  If a student needs a replacement planner he or she should talk to the Homeroom teacher.  Community service will be assigned to earn the replacement planner.