Talent Development at Marcy

Every student deserves moments of challenge and moments of success during the school day.  Using the Levels of Learning Model, our goal is to provide an enriched atmosphere that exposes students to a variety of learning experiences.  We work with the Talent Development office of the Minneapolis Public Schools, while striving to create a program that is a part of Marcy.

Identification of MPS students as Advanced Learners is based on multiple measures, including academic standardized test scores, the CogAT7 test, and input from teachers and parents.  All MPS students take the Cogat test during second grade.  Students in kindergarten, first grade, third grade and fourth grade may take the CogAT7 with a parent request.  For more information about identification and the CogAT7 test, click here.

Wondering what kids of services your student is receiving?  Check out how we are supporting them! 

School Wide Examples of Talent Development Servicing:

Level of Service:

Students Involved:

Examples of Services at Marcy:

Level 1 Services:

Differentiation and enrichment of core curriculum


All Students

Reader and Writer Workshop, Artist Residencies, Neighborhood Bridges, Art Adventure, ST Math, All-School Enrichment Options

Level 2 Services:

School-based enrichment opportunities


Opportunities are available to all students, but only some will choose to opt into them.

Instrumental Music, After-School Athletics, Project Success Musical, Spelling Bee, After-School Math Clubs, Mad Science, Classroom Based Project Activities (examples – classroom newsletters, advanced writing projects, web page)

Level 3 Services:

Emphasis on qualitative differentiation of the core curriculum with depth, complexity, novelty and acceleration.


Students identified as advanced learners 

Reader and Writer Workshop differentiation as supported by Associate Educators, Math Clusters

Level 4 Services:

Emphasis on subject or grade acceleration and/or individual learning plans 


Identified students whose needs surpass curricular enhancements/ extensions available in a grade level or subject area 

These are exceptional situations that are dealt with in case by case discussion and decisions.