Technology Exploration
Anna Jo's Fall Picture 2018
Anna Jo's Fall Picture 2018

Hello Explorers and welcome to Technology Exploration!

I am extremely excited to back at Marcy as a full time teacher this year. I was the Marcy Reading Corps person from 2013-2014. I joined Marcy Staff as an Associate Educator from 2015-2017, and last year I was a Reserve Teacher for Minneapolis and Bloomington Public Schools.

I grew up south of the metro in Farmington, MN. I went to Inver Hills Community College, right after high school to save money, before going to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I am currently a student at Augsburg University seeking my Masters in Elementary Education.

I’m looking forward to seeing almost every student in Marcy Open School come into my classroom this year, leaving more advanced keyboardists!

-Mrs. Anna Jo Raycraft


MPS Student Internet Guidelines:

Student Responsibilities:

As a user of the Internet and the School Computer Network I will:

1. Be polite.

2. Use appropriate language. That means, do not swear, or use bad language.

3. Use Internet sites that are connected to what I am studying in class or what that teacher has OK’d for my use.

4. Respect school rules and behavior standards.

5. Use the computer network in a manner which does not violate any laws, regulations, or copywrite.

6. Accurately represent myself. That means I will use only my own name, not someone else’s, and never use my whole name or give my address or telephone number.

7. Send email only with my teacher’s knowledge. For E-Mentors, send all emails CC’d to my teacher.

8. Remember that email is not private. That means my teacher or other people who operate the network can read it.

9. Respect the privacy of others. That means I will not use someone else’s password or open or change anyone else’s files.

10. Respect computer equipment and the use of the network and share computer resources and time with other students.


Student Email

Students are allowed to use ONLY the District provided email at school. This provides a safety feature, in the event students are harassed or stalked through email.

-If you do not know you email, ask Anna Jo or your home room teacher. (

-If you have concerns or problems with your email, talk to Anna Jo.

-Students using Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail at school will be suspended from the Internet for a determined amount of time.

To access your student email account, go to:



This year, our class will be working with TypingClub in the classroom and at home.

TypingClub is an educational program that will help students learn to type quickly and accurately on a standard computer keyboard. The program is fully web-based, so students can use it to practice keyboarding in class, at home, or anywhere an internet connection can be found.

To login to your TypingClub account, use your school username and password at the following login URL:

If parents would like to help at home, the most important way parents can help, is by making sure their child is focus on while practicing, to avoid looking at the keyboard while typing, and using good posture.