Marcy Transportation Information

Getting To and From School:

If your student rides a bus:

  •  You will receive bus information via the Transportation Department prior to the start of the school year.
  •  If you have moved over the summer please call us with your new address as soon as possible so we can get your child(ren) transportation as soon as possible.
  • All bus stops are determined by the Transportation schedulers of Minneapolis Public Schools. Ch

General Transportation Guidelines:  If a student lives within the busing area for a school, the student will be assigned to a bus stop that meets the walk distance criteria. Families living outside of a school’s attendance area will not receive a bus ride. Parents requesting a school outside of their attendance area will be required to sign a transportation waiver. Signing a waiver means parents are responsible for transportation to and from school for their students. Only after signing the waiver, and only if space is available, will the student be placed in the requested school. For a waiver, call Student Placement Services, (612) 668-1840. Non-English speaking families should call the New Families Center, (612) 668-3700.

Safety is the top priority of the Transportation Department. Drivers must pass rigorous safety training classes as mandated by state law. Students, too, must contribute to bus safety. Students who fail to follow the safety rules may be denied transportation after parents/guardians are notified. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child arrive safely at their bus stop in the morning and arrive safely at home from the stop in the afternoon. It is recommended that parents wait at the bus stop with their children and meet the bus after school. For general transportation information, call (612) 668-2300.

Walking Distances to School:

Middle Schools Grades 6-8:  1 mile

Elementary Schools Grades H5-5:  1/2 mile

Walking Distances a Bus Stop:

Middle School: 1/2 mile

Elementary School: 1/4 Mile (2 long blocks or 4 short blocks)


Requesting A Change Of Bus Stop:

1. If the existing bus stop is within 1/4 mile of the transportation address for Elementary School students, and 1/2 mile for Secondary School, the stop falls within guidelines adopted by the School Board and that these bus stops are not normally changed.

2. Requests are made by the Marcy Transportation Coordinator after October 20. Prior to October 20, priority needs to be given to students who are not yet assigned to a bus stop; after that, requests for more convenient stop locations will be considered.

3. After October 20, feel free to check on the status of your request by calling the Transportation Coordinator. 


If your student walks or rides a bike to school:

·         He/she should not arrive before 8:15 a.m.

If you drive your student to and from school:

  • Please be mindful of our Special Education buses that park in front of the school.
  • Students should not arrive before 8:15 a.m.  The school building will open at 8:15am
  • If you drive your student to school and want to walk into the building with your child, please park on the side streets.

Transportation Contact Information

If your bus is late, please call transportation at 612.668.2300.

If you are experience a behavior issue or concern on the bus, please contact the school at 612.668.1020.

If you need to change your transportation for any reason you can contact these people:

June 9th through August 20th - call transportation @ 612.668.2300

August 21st through the school year - call Lee Hibbard at Marcy @ 612.668.1033

You should receive information from transportation regarding the placement of your student's bus stop after August 1st.  If you do not receive that information by August 18th, please call Marcy to confirm your transportation plans.



Any change in transportation needs to be done BEFORE 1PM.


Changes can be made by:

-calling the main office at 612.668.1020


-Sending a note to the main office (written by a parent/guardian)



ALL bus passes require:

-Student's First and Last Name

-Student ID Number

-Student's Teacher


-Address of Destination

-First and Last Name of Adult at Destination

-Phone number of Adult at Destination

-Reason for Pass



Transportation after Community Education, ALC or GEMS and GISE classes follows the same guidelines as regular end of the school day transportation.

-Any temporary transportation change for after school needs to be made by 1 PM THAT DAY.

-Students MUST be picked up by 5:00PM.

-We do not have the staff to accommodate last minute changes or late pickups.



Transportation Coordinator

Lee Hibbard